Monday, 16 June 2014

Please Don't Faint - I'm Going To Say Something Nice.

I have a somewhat well-deserved reputation for saying what I think, and quite often it's not too pleasant.

However, I really must take the time to heap much praise upon Army Painter for superb customer care.

Now, as many will know I am a full time '3-D man-child dream realisation technician' or as I am more commonly known; a miniature painter.

I also pride myself on only using the best materials, rather than what is en vogue in the hobby. The undercoat I use is of great importance to me, and I've been a devotee of the Army Painter sprays for some time. I get through 50-75 matt black cans per year and I rely on the repeated high performance of the product.

However, two cans which I purchased and which had the same batch number came out high gloss, no matter what my years of experience  could come up with to counter it, and thus I wrote to the manufacturer, explaining the issues.

Well, not only did they rely within 24 hours, but they also kindly and without any kind of coercion, replaced both cans and also sent me some of their brush on paint, all the way from the Netherlands.

So, I take my hat off to Army Painter and congratulate them on being in that rare group of whom I say nice things!

Moving on, I would also like to share with you the secrets of perfect varnishing.

Forget Dullcote...

I now exclusively use a high gloss coat of Montana Gold, which is the choice of professional graffiti artists and which is a UV resistant varnish of the highest quality.

Following that I use a coat of Winsor & Newton Professional Artist's Varnish which performs to a much higher specification than Testor's and is frankly unbeatable.

I have sprayed around 3000 models using this combination and have used 1 can of Montana Gold and 2 cans of W&N with no problems and predictable results.

Montana Gold is around £6-£7.50 per can and W&N £10-£12. Both come in 400ml cans.