Friday, 1 January 2016

Lobbin' The Goblin...

Back in the 80s I was obsessed with Undead armies, and owned a 500+ piece army which was (and sit down before you read any further) painted...

So, although the Goblobber set, depicting a Dwarven catapult which used netted Goblins for ammo, together wth the wonderful Dwarven cook and spit-roast sheep was really nice, I never bothered with it, because frankly it just wasn't dead.

Well, as you may well have seen, I have just purchased around 500 of the superb renaissance themed Dwarves from The Assault Group, and now need some characterful artillery for it.

Now, there are a few nice pieces, but the Goblobber takes some beating.

Alas, in the 30 or so years since it was released it has demanded stupidly high prices and £100 for a complete model is not unheard of... Bugger!

You may therefore imagine my delight to have bagged one in the last 11 seconds just now on eBay for £45...

Although the crew are modelled in a slightly earlier historical dress, I am assuming the Engineers & Artillerists guild does not always keep up with fashion, and of course, just like the old bloke on the BSA in flat cap and donkey jacket, these guys are Dwarves of the old stripe and wear what they consider 'proper Dwarf clothes'.

Te cook will become part of my baggage train, which is something I'm determined to have for the army.

Right, if you will excuse me I have to go and take a long hot bath to ease my broken ribs, with a glass of wine or two.

Happy New Year and may you get all you want to paint, painted,


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