Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Typical... None For Ages, Then Two Come At Once!

The Gob Lobber I won the other day arrived, yesterday, and it's lovely.

But, just in the same way that you get no bus for ages and then two arrive at once, I also picked another one up for £20.

Admittedly, the original crew id missing, BUT, the astute of you will have noticed the Dwarf Jogger in there... A very nice model in it's own right.

Along with this beastie, I also managed to get hold of 2 bolt throwers for £4.99...

And an organ gun, again for £4.99

So for less than £30 I have significantly increased my artillery park, and as a result, I am a rather happy bunny.

I really have found my mojo again. Now I just need to find a wargames club.


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