Sunday, 10 January 2016


Oh dear...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

So, I had a really hard, first week back at work, what with the the perfect storm of a complex subject, the post-Christmas malaise and of course the fact that I have broken ribs.

Actually, I don't think it will excuse me for this...

I needed to go to the post office yesterday, and living as we do a few minutes from a major shopping mall (which incidentally I loathe with a passion reserved for probably only two other people in the world) I asked my wife if we could take a look at at the LEGO store for purely 'academic reasons'.

We were doing well, passing through Debenhams and only falling for a tin of shortbreads in the shape of a Scottish terrier (remember I own 4 dogs and two and a half are of that breed) at £4.00 which was all very agreeable.

I almost bought a shirt, however what kind of pretend gamer would I be if I tipped a hat to fashion? I'd be drummed out of the service (again).

And so, making my way through the discomfort of a crowd of people (I really don't get out much) my wife slipped my collar and I stood, nose pressed to the glass of the LEGO Store wherein was sat the object of my interest.

My wife, looked, and cooed, almost as much as I, and so we went inside to take a look at the (you guessed it) Ghostbusters Fire Station HQ.

And after a few calculations and getting confirmation that my financial planning was on the ball, from the fair lady whom I have called wife for 28 years this very February, I bought it.

I had to get help to carry it due to the ribs and neck because frankly 4634 pieces of LEGO are not light in the slightest...

It really is a large model, given that it can accommodate the 2014 model of ECTO-1 in the garage, and has a fully detailed interior with lots of details which the Ghostbusters fanboy in me went all light headed over. I may have even done a little widdle of happiness - just a tiny one you understand.

Anyway, I parted with £274.99 plus 5p for two exceptional carrier bags to contain it, and was suddenly back feeling that thrill I felt as a kid when I was heavily into LEGO, albeit in a more primitive incarnation, before specialist parts, pop culture tie-ins and sets of this mammoth scale.

Was it worth it?

"I'd say that's a 'yes'." to quote Dr Peter Venkman.

I'm sure I'll really get a kick from building it, and what's more, I do believe I may find a gaming use for it, being a fan of the Ghostbusters RPG.

So, here are a few pics of the sealed item, and I would point out that the iMac is a 20" model, so that you may better appreciate the sheer size.



  1. I was discussing this very set with a friend last night; he'd only just managed not to buy the Lego Deathstar whilst Christmas shopping. I'm 'helping' my boy build the fire station later today.

  2. You should give 7TV and their Paranormal Exterminators Programme Guide a look: ...

    1. I have the CD figures sitting looking dejected in my studio, oddly enough...

  3. Yes, of course. Children have to be 'supervised'... ;)

  4. Looks a great kit, but if I bought it I would also need Ecto 1, and all of a sudden you have spent £300+. However, have a great time building it.

  5. £320- £325

    Oddly I now have 'Suddenly' by Lionel Ritchie playing in the jukebox of the mind.

    Still, the worst part comes tomorrow, when I order 10 locos for my N scale layout... That way, penury lies...


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