Thursday, 4 February 2016

Layout Progress...

Well, it's been 11 days since Ollie delivered my layout, and I have now put 14 hours into it.
On Sunday I added static grass, weathered the tracks, base coated the rock face adjacent to the tunnel, resurfaced the 'yard' area with Noch ballast and then blended the ash and ballasted areas into it. Today, I took a big step, having never used Celotex insulating board, and in 3 hours measured, cut, fitted, shaped, sanded and then filled the area forming the ridge and scenic pathway, which runs the length of the layout (8 feet).

I'm really happy at how it's shaping up and once I add the texture of the rock faces and the pathway, and get the grass all finished it will look pretty darned fine. Thence, I will add a wooden fence along the whole length of the path, and another to the front of the tracks. A few judiciously placed dry stone walls will break up the countryside as will a few hundred trees.
The brick retaining wall is going to be replaced with a fully 3D polystone retaining wall in a stone finish with bricked up arches . I have realised that because I spend my life working with miniature buildings and figures, I really prefer the 3D effect over 2D printed.
Here's where I got to on Sunday...

Today, 8 rolls of Modroc were delivered, and so as I had a really good day work-wise, I decided at 2:45PM to try a small piece out, having only ever used it once before.
Well, after an hour and a quarter, I've covered the entire Celotex framework and the blending into the rest of the groundwork is pretty damn good in my opinion...

All in all, I am really, REALLY enjoying the whole model railway process. Now, I just need the 3 metres of retaining wall to finally show up.



  1. Looks good so far. There's something cathartic about building scenery in a way that miniature painting sometimes isn't, at least to my mind.

  2. You are 100% correct. I paint every day for a living and so you may surmise that I don't enjoy it at a weekend. But even taking that into account, I seem to really lose myself in the railway modelling process. I am actually surprised at how much I can do in a few hours each week.


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