Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How Ral Partha Increased My Laundry Bill...

Well, Ral Partha have got me fairly oozing at the extremities with the announcement of it forthcoming Kickstarter campaign.

I'll explain why...

Back in the early to mid-80s, Games Workshop released two 'Speciality Sets' comprising rather excellent and original Lizardman and Troglodyte sculpts by Ral Partha Maestro, Tom Meier. Now, GW stores back then, used to do weekly 'specials' and one of them, was a unit of 16 of the Lizardmen for £3.00. Given that these were £3.99 in a box of ten different models as a rule, I was quick to grab 3 lots and a bag of chips and a bus home with the change from my £10 earned that week by painting 15mm SYW Russians at 7p per model for Dave Gregg of SWS.

Heady times indeed!

I'd seen them in a 'Tabletop Heroes' feature in White Dwarf, painted in a cold looking mid blue with orange cloaks and brazen armour, and I was hooked.

Well, this grew to a full Lizardman army, taking in the awful and yet wonderful Aly Morrison 'Karnaks Lizardman Raiders' and the seminal Perry sculpts of Runequest Dragonnewts and Newtlings. Capping it off, that Christmas, the Christmas crackers of which we had several boxes contained half a dozen Chinese rip-offs of the William Britain & Co. 1/32 Giant Tortoise which, were bagged by your correspondent and then with the aid of  carpet tacks and some riders from Newtling Demi-Bird riders purchased from Lisa Brook, one of the 'GW Girls' on the staff strength back then I created the world's slowest moving cavalry unit.

Anyway, the army went the way of all things, but I played some of my most memorable games with it, giving the Gnome army of Darren Ashmore (ingeniously composed of Mikes Models  15mm Landsknechts) a right old drubbing and no mistake guv'.

I've never seen it resurface in 30 years of searching for it, and so I thought it was nothing more than the dreams of an old man, that I would own such an army again, given the piratical prices asked by 'Oldhammer' dealers...

But, it seems that Ral Partha are running another Kickstarter soon, and it will include the very figures I loved and possibly some more sculpts.

And so, apart from finding some more giant tortoises, I am a very, very happy bunny indeed, and you will therefore appreciate why I am so oozy at the moment.

You can follow Ral Partha on Facebook, or look at the wonderful old school stuff they have (which can still give any other company more than a run for their money) at .


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  1. Some of the best lizardmen every released......looking forward to picking a few up myself to replace the piss poor Citadel castings I have that are slowly rotting away.....grrrrrrr.


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