Sunday, 6 March 2016

Pullman Time & How Far Have I Strayed?

On Saturday, we had to take the 4 mutts who comprise the the family pack here at the Dark Tower, to the vets for the annual top-up. This is no men feat, as two are very excitable, and will bark at anything they perceive as being a threat to their Mummy & Daddy.

Yesterday we were saved from assorted litter, two joggers, 130 cars and a bakery which leered from the side of the road...

But imagine my delight when they insisted that (as we were passing) I should ask my wife to stop outside 'Rails Of Sheffield' and that I should (on account of canine generosity) nip inside smartish and buy a 6-car Midland Pullman in N scale by Graham Farish which I had mentioned that I had seen at a very reasonable price, the week before.

Well, I couldn't really say no and upset my four-legged family could I?

So, in I went and then hit the door, which was locked, with a dispiriting 'THUNK!'

Alas, I was 20 minutes too early... BUM!

But, those very excellent chaps who spend their lives dealing with locofetishists 6 days a week, very kindly, scraped me from the glass and bid me enter, without e'en a hint of ire.

Now that's what makes me want to shop in a place... Damned fine customer care.

Anyway, 21 minutes later I was back in the car, and some 2 hours later, I was back home at my desk with a box of trains.

Now, it's a lovely model, truly it is. But, what I did not expect to find when I opened the body shell on the loco ends, to fit digital decoders, was that the toilet and sink were all modelled, even though they cannot be seen through the frosted windows.

Anyway, it runs like a dream, and has a very pleasing 'jickety-can' sound as it crosses the rail joints.

And so, the second part of the title... And something which reddens my cheeks like the slap of a slighted woman.

Last night, despite my previous decision against doing so, I thought I'd take a trip to Hammerhead at Newark, which I have not deigned to attend since it left the Kelham venue.

Alas, I found out at 19:00 last night that I had missed the show, it being moved to a Saturday date.

And so, after almost 4 decades of being tuned in to every nuance of the wargaming hobby, it became very clear that I have lost touch and strayed far from the path in search of toy trains. Either that, or Hammerhead really does hold no interest for me, anymore.

Now, if you will excuse me I have to go and cool my cheeks again.


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