Monday, 4 April 2016

30 Years Ago This Month...

30 years ago this ver month, the first plastic Space Marines were released.

Games Workshop (you know, that company that seems to want to distance itself from it's old identity, unless it can make a fast buck, like a back street whore) is celebrating that monumental date.

I, on the other hand will be trying to forget that date, because it was the first time that I really realised what bigots, people whom I'd thought of as role models were.

Back then I was gaming at 5 different clubs as well as gaming informally with mates at the weekend.

The main club in my life at the time was where many of my formative years were spent, and the people I met who were for a long time older than I, were placed on pedestals. I wanted to be them, I had those youthful daydreams as many do that my idols would actually adopt me. OK, I know that this is normally reserved for sports or music celebrities rather than middle aged blokes who play with lead dollies, but I suppose I was easy to please, and had low standards.

Well, on the Sunday of the weekend when the Space Marines were released, I was at one of my clubs,  giving the Firefight 20mm modern rules a good working over after we mucked about with 40K and ended up less than impressed, truth be told.

A mate of similar age, and who also gamed at the club in question, mentioned that there was a rumour being circulated that I was a drug user and a 'junkie'.

This was not based on facts in any shape or form, but upon the fact that I had begun to dress in the 'Goth' style and of course, if you wear black and sport a bit of make-up you are obviously living a life of drug addled debauchery.

Now, I will admit to debauchery, group sex and a love for strong drink back then - All the healthy habits of an 18 year old, experimenting with the sordid, libertine indulgences on offer in the 80s.


Drugs were, and a are a big no-no for me. PERIOD. A few years later, somebody 'spiked' me by accident, intending the tainted food for someone else. Alas they got me, and I was so straight edged when it came to that that my brain simply disregarded the narcotic effects and I remained stone cold sober. A few days later, when it was realised what had happened, the perpetrator literally got out of town for a looooong time. That's how anti-drugs I was an am.

These rumours could have been shrugged off, but it turned out that these were close friends making the claims, not just some piss head in the street, deciding that a passing freak was going to get some verbal aggro.

No these were 'my' piss heads, who knew me and my family, and were well aware of my strict upbringing. But, I had a black mohawk, and a bit of make-up and I threatened their world view. I did not look the way they could relate to, and so it was obviously drug related, rather than the fact that I just wanted to dress differently and hang out with hotter chicks than they did.

I could have understood it perhaps, had it been my peer group, but it wasn't.

In fact, it was the first time that I think I realised what a bunch of wankers these people could be. Over the years I have tackled several of those who perpetrated the rumours, but oddly nobody was involved. No, sir... The rumour spontaneously evolved without human assistance. All of them had heard about it but had apparently voiced their concern over the falsehood.

Every so often, even 30 years down the line I hear the same tired old story wheeled out by one or two people (the same old pair) who like to give the pot a stir, and I have to relive it again.

Knock yourself out guys! If that's what makes you moist, who am I to spoil your fun.

So, whilst people may be raising a glass to Space Marines this month, I will instead raise two digits, because frankly, revisiting that awful time hurts.


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