Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Brief Touching Of The Base...

Well, as you know, I am very busy at present as I work towards the 12th and then 17 days of holiday, to include the traditional 7 days of thanksgiving that mark my birthday each year.

It is traditional that I forgive those who may have wronged me in the last year, but as nobody has done so this year that would only leave a certain group of individuals, who I will not extend that kindness to and who, in return would not piss on me if I were on fire.

But, enough of that...

I'm currently trying to coax my model railroad builder to consider some terrain board, finished to his normal railroading standards, as it occurred to me that it would be a doddle for him and not require track laying, ballasting or wiring schematics... Unless I get him to include some O gauge track on a few sections.

I'm doing more reading of history books this month, than I've done in over three years, with several on the subject of the Cape Wars, including the Mike Snook pair and 'Harry Smith's Last Throw'. I'm also reading the excellent 'Black Powder' rules and the ACW supplement...

'ACW?' I hear you cry...

Why, yes...

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of seeing (all too briefly)  an old and much respected, friend when he came to the Dark Tower to conclude a small item of business which resulted in my taking delivery of a few 28mm ACW figures:

I am dying to get them on a table with some good friends, but it will probably be the 14th before I get a proper chance to sort them out.

My wife has agreed to take her usual payment in perfumes for finishing off the few that need it.

I'm really looking forward to the traditional get together of the clan at BRITCON on the weekend of the 13th and 14th. It's a great show, which ticks all the boxes as well as being 5 minutes from Manchester's 'Chinatown' where we generally find a rather excellent lunch (although, I will state again for the record, that catering at the event is top notch and better than the pig swill of 'wargamer friendly' fare served at larger more prestigious shows both current and extinct).

Why oh why, is there an assumption that wargamers only want greasy breakfasts, lard-ridden pasties which look like the roasted corpse of a giant weevil (with none of the flavour) or sausage rolls which, would squeal if you bit them too hard?

At Britcon you can get wonderful breakfast sandwiches, good coffee, and at lunch time you can get properly and freshly cooked food with (wait for it) flavour. Hell, you can even get a salad. (And let's face it, many of us need salad, if only to address the anal retention.

If you see me at Britcon, please don't come over and say 'hi' because I am there selfishly to to see a few old friends and just relax. It's nothing personal, but I enjoy the event for certain reasons and I do like to maintain the ambience, and having to say 'fuck off' will put a spoiler on my day.

Last year, a group of 'big club' types were heard to comment on Britcon as 'shit', but they missed the point. Britcon is a nice sized show, with a great atmosphere, where you can see all of the show, spend some quality time with friends and simply have a bloody good time. What? Enjoy a wargames show and not have to pay to get in?

My regular gaming buddy and best friend, are putting the finishing touches on a plan which if all goes to schedule will see us with 28mm armies for the Wars Of The Spanish Succession in about two years. He has selected Dixon Miniatures and I will be using those by Ebor Miniatures. Dave has gone for his beloved French, but I am still mulling over my own choice of army.

And that's about it for now, as I am tired after a 5AM start, and want to drink another Scotch and kick back with a salad of salmon and asparagus, with the hope of a fine attack of the 'Chambermaid's Curse' about 1AM.



  1. Just a few? How many hundred? Looks like a nice collection. I'm just reading The American Civil War by John Keegan and am fighting the urge to start two new armies. I'm hoping the itch will be scratched by Wild West skirmish games.

  2. OK, I'll admit it, I don't know... I have not had time to sit and count them.


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