Friday, 12 August 2016

Forthcoming Heroics & Ros 'Cold War' figures

Following the release of the Soviet VDV, last month, I am pleased to present the new releases for the Cold War era from Heroics and Ros.

They are a joy to paint and superbly sculpted. As one associate commented 'The Milan reloads have the end caps.'

Anyway, I want to sign off and begin my 3 week Summer break, so I'll let the dog see the rabbit...

So, here are the BAOR:

And if that were not enough, there's also Soviet Motor Rifles:

And, because I am a really nice fellah (ignore those who decry that), here's the list of codes:


BM300 1980's British Infantry sniper (3)

BM301 1980's British Infantry with night sight (3
BM302 1980's British Infantry GPMG -L7 team (6)
BM303 1980's British Infantry LMG- L4A2 Bren (5)
BM304 1980's British Infantry Milan team (3 teams)
BM305 1980's British Infantry L7 on tripod (GPMG) team (4)
BM306 1980's British Infantry 0.5" on tripod (HMG) team (4)
BM307 1980's British Infantry L77a1 mine detector (5)
BM308 1980's British Infantry 51mm Mortar (5)
BM309 1980's British Infantry 81mm L16 Mortar team (4)
BM310 1980's British Infantry Observer with Sterling(5)
BM311 1980's British Infantry Blowpipe (5)
BM312 1980's British Infantry M72 LAW (5)
BM313 1980's British Infantry Carl Gustav (5)
BM314 1980's British Infantry command strip
BM315 1980's British Infantry artillery crew (4)

Infantry Pack comprises 8 infantry strips, 1 NCO strips, 1 Bren Strip, 1 Night Sight strip

1980's Soviet Motor Rifles

SM316 1980's Soviet Infantry 9K34 Strela-3 (5)
SM317 1980's Soviet Infantry RPK-74 (LMG) team (6)
SM318 1980's Soviet Infantry RPG-18 Myxa (5)
SM319 1980's Soviet Infantry Flame rocket RPO Rys (5)
SM320 1980's Soviet Infantry Command (6)
SM321 1980's Soviet Infantry 9K111 Fagot (Spigot) operator (3)
SM322 1980's Soviet Infantry RPG-7 (5)
SM323 1980's Soviet Infantry 9K11 Malyutka (Sagger) team (6)
SM324 Soviet Paratroops (VDV) AGS-17 Plamya team (6)
SM325 1980's Soviet Infantry Standing artillery crew (4)
SM326 1980's Soviet Infantry PKS on tripod (GPMG) team (4)
SM327 Soviet Paratroops (VDV) Flamethrower LPO-50 (5)
SM328 1980's Soviet Infantry sniper (3)
SM329 1980's Soviet Infantry Mine detector (5)
SM330 1980's Soviet Infantry SPG-9 team (6)
SM331 1980's Soviet Infantry Mortar team (4)
SM332 1980's Soviet Infantry with night site (3)
Infantry Pack comprises 8 Infantry strips, 1 NCO strip, 1 LMG strip, 1 Night Sight strip

So, if you will excuse me, I need to go and relax a little and prepare for 3 weeks of libertine decadence, kicking off with a pleasant dat at Britcon in Manchester, tomorrow.


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