Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Essex Skeletons Invade The Dark Tower...

Yesterday, I took delivery of the Essex Miniatures Undead for my forthcoming project.

After almost putting my back out, carrying the box up into the studio, I was in there like a ferret down a rabbit hole, expecting finely cast, superbly detailed models, redolent of my youth, all those decades ago.

And that is exactly what the box contained.

You see, when you shop with Essex, you are buying quality, not tired and poorly cast models. That's why I have always loved working on and in many instances, owning Essex miniatures.

As you would expect, there's a bit of flashing here and there, but what you hold in your hands when you buy these models are genuine, old school figures with a pedigree which goes back to the early days of Warhammer and the other systems which sprang up in it's wake.

I'd ordered all Olley sculpts, with the exception of a Ghost and a Knight Of Evil. These are in my opinion nicer than the GW 'Iron Claw' range, but are not models for the faint of paint. By that I mean they are superbly detailed and if you are not an experienced painting, you'll probably give up in despair.

However, if you know your paints and can break a figure down into 'zones' you'll be rewarded for your efforts with some stunning and imposing models.

I know some of you will moan about them being large, but if you do, you are no old school fan... It's the Mark Of Olley and totally normal :)

I love the idea that these models will fill out the traditional bases and in fact for some models a larger depth will be required for example with the rather splendid zombie halberdier, of which you can fill a 60 x60 base with 5 models in two ranks. This has the added bonus of giving you larger units, IE: you can make a 24 figure unit with just 20 models and not notice the shortfall.

The cavalry is some of the finest I have ever seen. The amount of movement in even the mail aventails of some of the riders, brings a sense of mildly erotic pleasure upon viewing.

The units in the army are with the exception of a zombie unit and the cavalry, going to comprise of identical models plus standard bearer and leader.

The only thing missing and I'd love to see one produced no matter how unlikely, is a musician, although it'd need to be a drummer for the skeletons, wouldn't it?

Anyway, here are a couple more pics from the box, compared again to an early slotta based era barbarian:

If you are getting fed up with the modern tat on offer, or the ridiculous prices for the older Citadel stuff (no, I won't rant about that again, today), go and check out Essex Miniatures at:

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