Friday, 14 April 2017

Slow Train Comin'

It's York Model Railway show, on Sunday and I am in a puckish mood...

As such, here is my great idea of the day to encourage railway modellers to promote safe sex.:

 I propose a range of condoms (given the old chestnut about playing tunnels and trains etc ) printed with different locomotives. Small condoms may carry the image of say an 0-4-0 saddle tank, average perhaps a class 47 diesel or Budd Rail Car, whilst the largest could have a G.D 'Bicentennial'.  

There could be limited runs to celebrate particular classics such as Mallard and Eisenhower, and the super lubricated and slicker types could have the Pendolino or Shinkansen printed on them. 

I would like Richard Branson to look at this idea (copyright Mark Hides 2017) and think about the 'Virgin Trains' brand for it along with the motto: 'For when the tunnel needs a choo-choo'.


  1. Brilliant - I suppose if you had one with a modern train on it, there would be no danger of arriving early.

  2. Baddum TISCH!

    Well played sir!


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