Saturday, 1 April 2017

When Even Wargames Become A Political Tool...

According to the BBC World Service at this morning at 4:00, the E.U is considering the banning of all wargames related models and products which depict the stereotypical 'Extremist' and 'Jihadi', citing them as 'provovative' and 'disturbing' in the current climate. They also stated that depictions of so-called 'Third World Armies' as backwards and in some way inferior to colonial European forces was degrading.

The present suggestions appear to be targeted at post-1945 wargaming include an amnesty period to allow for the voluntary surrender of moulds and masters by companies and figures in the collections of gamers. Those who take advantage of the amnesty will be compensated from an E.U public awareness fund.

Those who ignore or defy the planned legislation will receive no compensation and in the cases of manufacturers, will be placed on a 'No Buy' list effectively preventing them from trading in an E.U member state.

With the rise in interest in modern gaming in recent years, this is sure to cause some controversy, if it is indeed carried out. It would seem that the exit of the U.K from the E.U can come not a moment to soon.

Your correspondent wonders what the Scottish Parliament will come up with; perhaps an outright ban on models depicting the English armies which caused them to eventually become part of the U.K?



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