Friday, 5 May 2017

A Return To The Bad Old Ways?

Back in the day, when Games Workshop released the Rogue Trader rules, I enjoyed it immensely as it was not unlike the old Laserburn rules by TTG, and it was fun.

I confess, that I don't like the more modern sets which over the years became abstract and frankly boring.

You lost the sense of fantastically powerful weapons and races and it seemed that it was frankly something of a waste of time.

BUT... I still sort of liked the models.

Anyway, GW have recently announced an 8th and definitive version of the rules which seems to be returning to the feel of the original set but streamlining it. What is most exiting is that any weapon in the game is now dangerous and the stat lines which were originally topped a value of '10' are now effectively open ended which means that truly powerful vehicles and critters actually can be.

It's also going to be a community driven project with players having noticeable input to the game - just like the good old days.

I confess that I am actually tempted by this. Which, is just as well because...

On one of those whims which afflict me so often, I purchased a 40K army on Wednesday because it looked pretty:

And so it looks as if - because of two unconnected yet symbiotic bits of browsing - I am heading back to the bad old days.


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  1. I find myself in the same boat. After graduating from Fighting Fantasy to Basic D&D, Warhammer 2nd edition then 3rd edition, I received Rogue Trader as a birthday present. I was a big 2000ad fan and Rogue Trader fitted into the Torquemada the Warlock groove - I was hooked.

    I became very disillusioned with GW over the last 15 years - I remember once when I was 11 and fervently wishing it would never disappear because it beguiled me so completely. However, over the last year I have slowly started warming up to GW again, for the reasons you outline.

    First, it was Bloodbowl and then came Shadow War Armageddon which is essentially 2ed WH40k/Necromunda with updated stats for the newer models. I'm liking what I read about the new WH40k.


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