Wednesday, 10 May 2017

At The Gates Of Byzantium

If there is one army I have never got the hang of, it's Byzantines.

They are for me the metaphorical albatross necklace. The first time I used them, I was facing Vikings and got pasted.

25 years later, I faced another Viking army and once again got my Skutatoi handed to me on a plate.

I then took the Vikings and faced the Byzantines - and yes, I lost.

So, you see, my approach to Byzantines has been to admire them from afar but not get intertwined with them.

Until today...

I was looking for Eldar on eBay the other day and somehow came across a rather sweet looking Byzantine army, made up of 28mm Essex Miniatures castings f which I' a great fan as you may know by now. Anyway, I bid, was outbid and then bid again and I won them for less than the bare metal price including £20 for shipping.

I am very happy indeed, having paid £350 for a fully painted army which even if I get pasted in historical games, will do very nicely indeed as a fantasy army.

Here are a few pics:


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