Friday, 5 May 2017

Lizardmen & Where The Hell Did I Put That Rule Set?

You will recall that I espoused the aesthetics of the Lancer Miniatures range of 28mm Lizardmen last week?

Well, I ordered 204 pieces of reptilian goodness that very day, and as I type they are supposedly on their way to me.

I went for:

84 armed with sword and shield

80 armed with two handed weapons (but as they are open handed, 60 will be armed with pikes - more of this below)

40 armed with spear and shield

The problem with Lizardmen is that they are slow... Bloody hard to kill, but slow. They pretty much always strike last and are even slower than a lot of basic undead troops. So what do you do?

Well, a basic Lizardman has 2 wounds in Warhammer 1st/2nd ed and a natural 6 saving throw, so they are tough buggers to kill if you give them even just a shield. But, if you arm them with pike they can be frankly, bloody lethal!

Pikes give a +3 increase to initiative. And with pike the extra reach means that you get attacks with eack member of the unit behind another model which itself was able to attack, at cumulative -1 modifiers. Thus if you have a unit with pike in 5 ranks of 4 models strikes normally with the front rank, at -1 with the 2nd rank, -2 with the 3rd rank and so forth. Thus you can really punch a hole in opposing units with bold movement and a narrow yet dense frontage.

This was one of my favourite armies back in '84 so I have high hopes of glory on the table top.

Earlier in the week, I was raving through the studio here in the Dark Tower looking for my 2nd edition Warhammer rules to see how Lizardmen differed from those in 1st ed (not much actually) and I could not for the life of me find that wonderful red box of memories...

 I know that there should be one lurking here, but try as I might, I could not locate it. Thus I ended up paying a scandalous £27 for a new set. OK, it;s in really nice condition, but it is driving me mad that I can't find my old set.


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  1. I stupidly gave mine away in the 90s...both 2nd and 3rd...(quickly scoots to eBay)


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