Saturday, 11 November 2017

Busy, Busy Busy...


As you may expect, I am as busy as ever with my 'day job' of painting figures, and I've been clocking up some long, long days in the last week or so. But, it pays the bills and for the decadent lifestyle which I demand in my middle years.

I've been mostly working on new releases for Heroics & Ros who, under the leadership and vision of Andy Kirk are simply going to new heights and standards of production.

In total I have 4 entirely new ranges on my work schedule this month alone. I can only reveal two of them to you here, but I know of several other ranges which are also under development, as I write.

First of all, I can show you the smallest of the new ranges in the form of a range of WW1 British troops for the Middle East and Mediterranean theatres which I love:

Then, there's a monster release of West German troops for the Cold War Era, which are something I have a particular penchant for:

As you can see, these are models which will give any other company a real run for their money. I love how the LMG gunners assistants have their G3 rifles on the ground at the side of them... PERFECT!

On the personal side of things I have purchased a few packs of ECW generals by Blue Moon in 15mm and I am actually looking forward to painting them to provide the command for my armies being painted by Lancashire Games. They are exquisite castings indeed, and I am hoping that a certain relative takes the hint and sends me the ECW camp scene for Christmas.

I also continued with my Age Of Sigmar acquisitions with this rather nicely painted Skaven Vermin Lord, which caught my eye:

And that's about it for this week. No long winded rants, moans or hypotheses to share. Of course I do have a few things I am mulling and formulating, but I am too busy to take the time to write them down at present. And besides, I have a fortnight's washing up to do:


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