Sunday, 2 November 2014

Tekumel On The Tabletop

I am seriously considering a long term personal project as I've given up on other 'large army' projects. After all, I paint professionally for 40-50 hours per week so I get little time to paint my own stuff.

Add to the mix, the fact that I am working on my second book, and you'll see why I have to really think the logistics of this project over.

I am simply not interested in any more historical stuff for personal use and traditional 'European' fantasy has been done to death.

But, to play Devil's advocate, I need something to get really involved in (folk dancing is out) so immersing myself on a Tekumel trip using the wonderful 'Tekumel Project' miniatures.

'Tekumel? What's that?' you say...

Professor M.A.R Barker has been called 'The Forgotten Tolkein' and justly so. His fantasy world of Tekumel is much richer than Middle Earth in terms of background; A world with unique races, tons of background and a non-european mythos, it seems the way to go for someone with my creative fire... And not an Orc or Halfling in sight!

Try Googling 'Empire Of The Petal Throne' or 'Tekumel' and you'll see why I've been so drawn to a project based on Barker's fantasy world

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