Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The smell of nostalgia...

1985.3 (or 2015 in your world) has started quite nicely.

In the last month my campaign to get enough sets of Warhammer 1st to 3rd edition so that I can host games without others having to worry about finding rule sets has gone very well.

The boxed sets all contain full copies of the rules, so yes, that's a LOT of sets.

I need another 'white box' set and another 'Forces Of Fantasy' if you know anyone who has them.

Behold the haul for the last month:

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sheffield Triples Dates To Change From 2016

According to Sheffield Triples will be moving back to a March date from 2016.

This takes it back to a traditional pre-Salute date.

The venue will remain the English Institute Of Sport.

The new Sheffield Wargames Society website is now up and running at

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Reality check...

This is a busy week, as I want to take next week off to relax at the end of what has been a very, very fraught month for my family in several ways. This means that I'll not get much chance for posts, but the last week has had me considering reality checks.

With this in mind, I present a couple of gamer reality checks...

How historical gamers see themselves:

How 'Joe Average' sees them:

And before my fellow fantasy gamers start acting like a bunch of smug bastards...

How fantasy gamers see themselves:

How 'Joe Average' sees them: