Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Better Than Sex - Almost!

Well, this morning I took delivery of 90 Citadel Fantasy Tribes Zombies from the estate of the late, great Joe Dever of Lone Wolf fame.

Those of us of a certain vintage will no doubt remember the fantastic fantasy games which featured in various magazines and gave us the first feelings of moist-gusseted pleasure as we wished we could have such armies.

I can only imagine the conversations that have been had around tables on which these models have fought. They were in surprisingly good condition with only a couple needing treatment and TLC for led fatigue. They are all now sealed very thoroughly and all the remains is for me to rebase them as they are alas, on 25mmx25mm bases.

I also managed to bag the 'Skeleton War Machines' set in original box for £65, and a blistered Plague Cart for £21 which means that I have almost recreated my original Undead army from 1987/88.

All in all a good week for purchases

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Dem Bones, Dem Bones...

Well, I've been astoundingly busy this last week, clocking in at around 50 hours of paid painting, coupled with bronchitis. Thus I am absolutely wiped out.

Add to that it was this day last year that I got back from Partizan to be told later that evening that my mum had collapsed and dies, and you may imagine how I am looking at the 3 day spring bank holiday with longing.

However, having taken delivery this week of a big box of around 400 vintage undead from the late 80s, I put in more time at my desk to make some inroads into getting them into useable condition again.

I spent 7 hours yesterday, and turned 176 old skeletons into fresh and rather attractive models as I try to recreate my 1987/88 army. there are one or two small repairs (level 1 Necromancy) to do before they go into their boxes. Just the cavalry and war machines to go. And then there are the 100 or so, I did up, last bank holiday.

They arrived looking like this:

And ended up with 90% of the infantry looking like this: 

And then there were the 100 or so I worked on from an eBay purchase of the early May bank holiday weekend, which started out like this:

And ended up like this:

So, as you may imagine I am happy enough as it is, but 

So I am pretty ecstaticI also bought 90 fantasy tribes zombies from the Joe Dever collection which I have to decide on rebasing or not... 
Therefore I am actually tired but rather ecstatic!


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

W:WW... WANTED: Wizards & Warfare

If you have a set of either version  these rules, I'll pay £20 for them...

Contact me using the contact page at

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Hi everyone,

Life is very hectic, so I am being a tad lazy, by reproducing my weekly missive to my old friend Roger, who decided to escape the Steel City and so, our friendship is one of most correspondence. I've trimmed out some private and personal bits, because frankly they are nobody's business but ours. They are nothing 'special' they are simply the ramblings of one old friend to another and can be a bit sentimental at times.

It’s been VERY busy here at the Dark Tower atop Fackham Hall, and on Monday I have the first of 4 days of ‘doubles’ as I try to mitigate my bank holiday breaks. 

I had to spend the weekend (or part of it) prepping up work ready for Monday, but I managed to do some stuff for me. Most importantly, I’ve cracked on with my fantasy stuff.

After collectively spending two days on the box of skeletons I paid £65 for the other week, I have them smartened up and ready to go. Admittedly these are not fancy paint jobs, but when you have 500 models at a reasonable standard all together in an army, they look just fine.

My days of proving my brushmanship in competitions are over. I'm all about the gaming as I enter my Autumn years. Here's a 'before' and three 'after shots:

My wife, Kayte,  could not understand why I was just using static grass for the bases. I pointed out that they will look nice and 'old school' on TSS tiles and they are fast to do, whilst looking effective.

I have another 400 or so arriving this week which will need similar TLC:

Speaking of Kayte, she's been recovering from a severe bout of bronchitis and a chest infection. She has been abed, but before she was laid low, she completed a piece of terrain which these old eyes think is very nice indeed:

As part of a massive drive to get a decent selection of terrain, I bought a two foot high fantasy tower the other day, and started on it today, with a sand base coat and then alkyd washes to get a natural stone look. Now I just have to wait a week whilst it dries. Mind you, it’s the most ‘artisty’ I’ve felt in years, so it’s all for the good. The pure joy of having people ask what alkyds are and why they are so special, has left me with an old school sense of being a smug bastard who understands the contents of an art shop ;)

Dave Hoyles of QT/Museum Miniatures turned us onto alkyds in the mid 80s and I've not touched them myself since 1988 - oddly enough, when I painted a QT Indian army.

This is a big bastard at just shy of 2 feet high!

We’ve decided not to go to Partizan as it was hours after that show last year that my Mum died unexpectedly, and despite the fact that she did not like me (and told me so - you know how mothers are, and we had a long and fearsome history - but she was my Mum) I just can’t get the enthusiasm up for walking around, with no bring and buy, looking at 35 stalls selling Warlord Game stuff, and paying for the ‘pleasure’. 

I’ll be going to Britcon in Manchester in August as it’s free, very sociable and of course there’s a two minute walk to Chinatown and a ten minute walk to Manchester Art Gallery and some stunning exhibits. I get to chat with a few old acquaintances , there’s a bring and buy and a nice selection of trade.

As a result I decided to purchase an Oldhammer Dark Elf army I bought from a chap in the U.S. It was expensive enough that even I had tears in my eyes and had to coax my wallet out from behind the sofa. As you can see, it’s a small but perfectly formed little purchase:

Other than that, I’m trying to pull some disparate and desperate types together to take a display game out on the circuit. I want to recreate an 80s fantasy display. You know the type of thing… Not todays style of games, but something that looks like a group of mates got together and pooled their resources on 80s style terrain, with 80s figures and 80s rules in the 80s. It may even be a case of 80s knitwear and T-shirts, all round.

Right, I need to go and bathe and read the Summer issue of ‘The Chap’ before I settle to watch and 80s film with Kayte and then embrace the cares of Morpheus for 8 hours.


Tuesday, 23 April 2019

With Less Than 7 Days Left Of The Satanic Panic Kickstarter, A Wizard Is Spotted

Image may contain: 1 person, drawing

As we approach the end of the Satanic Panic Miniatures Kickstarter, Martin Buck has today sent me the concept for the Great Wizard which he's currently sculpting and which will be launched with the Kickstarter if the pledges hit the required target.

I'm really pleased with how he looks...

Of Warrior Women

Well, that's my 6 day holiday over...

I've had a pretty good time, all told with a really fun packed Friday and Saturday interspersed with getting the first unit of my Essex Miniatures Amazons completed in two sittings. This is a new sensation for me because I enjoyed painting something, and it was for me... It's been a decade at least I think since I completed a unit for myself.

They are for massed battles so I did not get too tricksy with them, but I am very pleased with the overall result:

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Here Come The Girls...

The first of my old school Essex Miniatures Amazons is completed..
Bunty Ravenbush is finished. Just 173 more to go!

I'm not spending long on each figure, because they are a massed ranks army. I'm satisfied that this standard will look OK in units.

I spend my days doing top end paintwork, so this is a rather refreshing way to paint.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Martin Buck has been working hard over the last week, and has sent me the W.I.P shot of the special badge which will only be available to Kickstarter backers with a physical reward level pledge or to those who go above and beyond in helping Satanic Panic Miniatures with such things as painting, promotion or display games.
Anyway, it is going to be a very rare little piece and I think it really resounds with old school goodness, redolent of the old Citadel badges of the 80s.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

A New Old School Project...

As a kid I always liked the Essex Miniatures fantasy ranges. I also loved their Amazon range, which had two ranges of models. The Q prefixed codes were Bob Olley sculpts and were pug ugly castings, but I always had a penchant for the FAN prefixes which were wonderfully large ladies in all respects, but beautifully sculpted and wonderfully outrageous.

So, having hmmmm'd and ahhh'd for a while I ordered myself a nice army of a restrained 174 pieces.



Officers for heavy units

Bodyguard and officers for pike units

Heavy infantry

Sub general

Skirmisher units

Pike units

The army will comprise a general, sub-general and sorceress, 1 Bodyguard unit, 3 heavy armoured units, 6 pike blocks and 3 units of skirmishers.

At a later date I may add a unit of male slave troops and perhaps some Indian or Burmese Maiden Guard as mercenaries.

It will call for warm lustrous flesh tones and gloss varnish, I think. My old friend Roger used to paint some nice flesh tones on nude Greek Hoplites by QT. I may just have to have a word with him.

As an aside, once again I have a wargaming first!

Making my order with Essex Miniatures over the phone for an old school army of bathykolpian ladies and it started off 1 x this, 1 x that...

When I said 93 of FAN85 he asked me to repeat it, then asked if I meant 93 models, to which I said I did.

Apparently nobody has EVER ordered so many of that model or indeed the others in the range which were in double figures.

I need to get some flesh spray paint I think, and then practice painting nipples, which for an old school limpet should not be too difficult given the youthful years spent looking at copies of Razzle & Escort (allegedly).


(Pictures courtesy of Lostminis Wiki and Essex Miniatures)