Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It Was The Bloody Baboons I Tell You...

I crawled off to bed at 10:15 last night... I am an old man and the weekend had, as I said previously tired me out somewhat. I settled my head for a decent 7 hours, with Radio 4 Extra playing on a timer.

My dreams were fevered and in them I heard a screeching bark (no, not my mother). I woke up and there it was for real. A quick look at the clock - 12:37


It was a programme on R4E all about bloody baboons - I ask you, 12:30 at night and they play screeching, bleeding apes?

Well as you may imagine my night was disturbed...  I awoke this morning and found solace in a glass of fizzy multivitamins, a mug of coffee and my iPad.

I finally managed to calm my somewhat shattered nerves with a small purchase in the shape of a rather pretty 'Sons Of Horus' Heresy era force for a £200:

Two hours later, and I can conform that retail therapy is a definite cure for baboons!


Monday, 29 May 2017

The Voices Made Me Do It...

There I was in the bath with the iPad, when ehe voices started whispering in my head.

Then I saw these three Imperial Knights… Did a deal for £60 each (RRP unpainted is £85 each)

I have 5 now, since yesterday, plus the Warhound Titan...


Busy, Busy, Busy...

It's a dull Bank Holiday Monday here in Sheffield, and so I am at my desk preparing for my return to work in the morning.

It's been a very busy long weekend.

Friday saw Kayte and I travelling down to Nottingham for lunch at a cheeky little oriental place. I was in need of sushi and sashimi. I have to say tempura sushi is an experience worth repeating. The large Japanese population in Nottingham means that the food is pretty damned fine.

Thence, we made our way up to Warhammer World after calling in at a newsagents so that I could pick up my copy of 'The Chap' a fine sartorial magazine. And guess what? I was in in the mag in all my Death Eater finery after lightheartedly submitting myself for sartorial scrutiny in the guise of 'Damius Darkweasel'. It was a surprise that I was actually featured though :)  But I am known by some (the poor deluded fools) as a narcissistic media whore , so it was good to live up to my reputation.

Anyway, I went into the Forgeworld store with the aim of picking up a 40K scale Warhound Titan (£370), two Imperial Knights £170 and a Fire Raptor gunship (£105) And a decal sheet for my Imperial fists army which arrives on the morrow. In the end, I followed a gut instinct (something I am deliberately doing of late with great success) to give it a day or so as I would get free delivery anyway, taking just the gunship and decals.

I spent the evening building the gunship - or at least trying to as it's a bugger of a model to build - and crawled into bed at midnight, which was a bad idea as I'd been working from 6AM to 21:30 all week.

Up at 5:15 on Saturday to carry on with the kit build and managed to send a pint of coffee all over my desk in the studio along the way. Then, off to Baslow in the locale of Chatsworth House for lunch with my mother-in-law at Il Lupo where I can always get a very passable Liver Veneziana. Home for an hour and a half before setting off to Leeds to see Adam Ant at the arena. Lots of well armed police outside the venue and full shakedowns from Showsec before we could get in. I spent a few minutes with to of the firearms officers debating the merits of the G36 against the older H&K platforms. I have to say it made me feel a lot more relaxed knowing that there were a dozen or more of these tooled up professionals outside the venue for 4 hours. Still. we left before the crowds, as I'd worked out what I thought was the best exfiltration route and a 10 minute start is always good.

It was 2AM by the time we got to bed and I was awake at 7AM (I had a lie-in) to walk the dogs and prepare for my mate arriving at 11AM for a game of WAB. I went back to bed with my coffee (this time IN the mug) and checked my various social media groups, to find... A Warhound Titan for £250 - FULLY PAINTED!

So I bought it... You see? The gut feeling was correct again... Yes, fully painted (I will do a bit of  neatening) for £125 less than bare resin:

The game was a massacre... I had my arse handed to my by Vikings, and I was using my Normans. The following pics will tell you the story:

And the fate of the Norman general?

Then it was out into Derbyshire to find decent fish and chips for tea (and why the hell not?) and look for houses, with a relatively early night ending at about midnight, but not before I proved my gut unsting was right again and got two Imperial Knights, fully painted at plastic cost:

Up again at 6AM this morning to walk the dogs, but at last my energy has given up the ghost and I think I triggered a flare of my arthritis, so I was back to bed for 3 hours. I've been taking it very easy as I am in some pain, but I need to be fighting fit to do some heavy-slog basing for my clients at 7AM Tuesday.

However sitting still and checking the assorted gaming groups bagged me these:

The seller wanted £300 which I guess was OK, but in the end, he asked for £250, so I obliged him of course as it would have been churlish not to. OK, I need to do the basing, but I suppose I cant expect to always keep my hands clean at weekends, can I?


Friday, 26 May 2017


In almost 4 decades of being involved in this hobby and by extension of my mercantile nature, the industry, I have generally prided myself in not only having a finely honed sense of what lies behind any story, be it about a company, gaming club or individual, but also at being on the leading edge of the miniature ranges available.

I confess that in the last decade, Games Workshop have been pretty much off my radar as I thought (with good reason I believe) that they were, in a creative sense  a soulless corporate garbage tug, heading down the river to the Bay of Oblivion.

And so, that is my defence for being totally unprepared for what I found in a box this very morning.

Yes, I was caught out by a box of plastic!

After a long hard week of painting and basing I am taking a 4 day break, and so as my wife (whose birthday is today) slumbers, I have wandered upstairs into my studio to open the box of Tyranids which arrived yesterday.

I was happily opening the models when I found some of the 'character' models. OK, I knew the size of a Carnifex - who doesn't ? - but bugger me sideways, I wasn't ready for the massive models that  found in that box.

As I said, I have not kept up with GW's output, and to be honest, I bought this army because it was pretty and a bargain. I have to say I certainly got my money's worth, as the following images show. I popped a GW Eldar and a few 28mm Norman infantry on my desk to act as a scale measure, so I think that you'll see why I was so shocked.

I have just seen the time, so if you will excuse me, I have to go and shower and head off down to Warhammer World to spend a few pounds on some Forgeworld models before heading into the city for a slap up Japanese luncheon of sushi and octopus balls with the memsahib.


The Yellow Peril...

Armies are like Chinese food... 

Better than sex 


Rather, you need another shortly afterwards.

And so, following the purchase of the Tyranids which I spoke of in my last 'show and tell' I felt the urge to buy another army, this time those stalwart defenders of the Imperial creed, the marines of the Adeptus Astartes, and in particular the Imperial Fists chapter in their striking yellow paintwork.

This time I had to go to £475, which was still frankly a bargain, and I got the following:

Space Marine Captain 
Space Marine Librarian (metal)
Tactical Squad One - Sergeant has a chainsword, flamer, missile launcher. 
Tactical Squad Two - Sergeant has a chainsword, melta gun, missile launcher (6 have transfers rather than sculpted pads)
Tactical Squad Six - Sergeant has a Power Fist and Combi Plasma, Plasma gun, missile launcher
Each of these have a Rhino with corresponding markings
5 Assault Marines - Sergeant has a Power Fist and Plasma Pistol
6 Devastator Marines - 4 Missile Launchers
Razorback with Twin Heavy Bolter
8 Sternguard Veterans - Sergeant has a Power Fist, 3 Combi Meltas in unit (metal models), with Rhino and veteran markings
5 Assault Terminators - 3 Thunder Hammers, 2 pairs of Lightning claws (Forge World Sculpted Pads)
Land Raider Redeemer
Dreadnought with Multi Melta and Heavy Flamer, with drop pod with internal console removed to better suit the Dreadnought
Land Speeder with Multi Melta and Heavy Flamer

And here are some pics...

But then last night I found a few more models that I purchased, to extend the flexibility of the army...

And so, I am sweating like a small dog in a butcher's shop, as I await delivery of my new toys.


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Panzer Marsch!

The last week has been a hard one in terms of the sheer volume of work I have completed.

One of my clients is putting together 1/300 WW2 German units at 1:1 ratio, which is a real challenge , but one which I really enjoy as it allows me to do what I do on a truly epic scale. Alas, basing is a real marathon as I like to make sure it's all finished to the same shade, so I spend 4 days basing each battalion which in the current weather is lethal.

Anyway, here are some pics of the whole establishment of the chaps who make up 26th Panzer in the Summer of 1943, somewhere in Italy: