Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Screaming Mob Miniatures Goes Live


I am pleased to announce that Screaming Mob Miniatures has finally launched.

The original sculpts were done back in 2013, but the realisation has been a long process due to my other commitments as a writer and miniature painter.

Now, I am turning more of my time over to the manufacture of figures with the launch of the multi-genre Cultists range which in the initial release will allow you to field a theoretical 500+ variants, armed with everything from clubs to heavy support lasers.

What's more there's a brilliant Grand Master borne aloft on a palanquin by two of his devoted followers.

Heads are supplied at random with every pack, but we have also had two special head sprues created to allow you to portray your models with Plague Doctor masks or with the brazen features of followers of the tentacle-faced god.

Remember that the first 50 packs sold in each code are discounted by 30% in what is known as the 'Mobstarter' promotion.

And to top it off, Chris Nicholls over at Macrocosm, has produced a one-off limited edition which will go to everyone who orders £50 or more during the duration of the 'Mobstarter' promotion.

You can see a pic of the model over at the Dear Tony Blair blog, curated by the godlike David Wood, here:
We have given David the honour (no matter how dubious) of unveiling it, because frankly, we love his blog, here at Cult H.Q!

You can see the range and place an order at www.screamingmob.com

Remember, once each code reaches 50 packs, the price will increase, so this is your chance to bag a real bargain.

Next planned releases are cultists carrying bows and crossbows, to round it all out very nicely.

Thank to all our supporters and especially to Chris Nicholls of Macrocosm Miniatures -  www.macrocosm.com - who has done sterling work to bring the project to fruition.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

LARGE Dwarven Forge Collection

I am looking for a new home for my Dwarven Forge collection The best laid plans of mice and me, and all that.

Carrying them up and down two flights of stairs, with arthritis and the sheer time taken to put it all away means I am now looking at other ways of portraying sprawling dungeons.

The price is £2000 for the lot.

Alternatively I would part exchange for painted figures of any type or scale, as long as they are in army sized formations.

I'd also consider a part ex on a large collection of Traveller RPG suff (classic A5 books)

I'd certainly take a full set of Grenadier AD&D boxed mini sets as 50% in part exchange

I'd be a looking at 50% cash to goods for part exchange.

Classic Painted

2 x Catacombs set
1 x Catacombs Set 2
2 x Den Of Evil room set
1 x Den Of Evil expansion set
1 x Den Of Evil Additions set
 2 x Realm Of The Ancients set
2 x Realm Of The Ancients Set 2
1 Room & Passage Set
4 x Narrow straight passages1 x Traps set 2
2 x Torch walls
4 x wide dead ends
1 x wooden ramp with stone boulder
2 x sets of urns and pots
2 x walls with pits
2 x narrow right angled passages
4 x half wall passages
4 x medium flat cavern rocks

Dwarvenite Painted

5 x Dungeon Starter
2 x Narrow dungeon Passage sets
1 x Cavern set
1 x Cavern floor set
1 x Narrow cavern passages set
1 x Cavern wicked additions set
1 x Ice cavern set
1 x Ice Wyrm
1 x Diagonal passage set
1 x Chasm pack
1 Stair and dais pack
1 x Dungeon dressing pack
1 x Ancient TReasures set
1 x Dungeon floors pack
2 x Sewer sets
1 x Cavern lake set
1 x Mushroom set

Dwarvenite UNPAINTED

2 x Dungeon Starter
2 x Chamber of Sorrows sets
1 x cavern set

Friday, 4 November 2016

50,000 Visitors & Counting

Just a very quick message to say thank you to you all for taking the time to visit the blog.

Today I smashed the 50,000 visits mark.