Saturday, 30 March 2019

Just Look At The Possibilities...

Well, I had a spare 5 minutes, so I played with a single head and body, using what I consider to be the most useful model of the range so far.

The Satanic Panic Miniatures Great Gnolls are hitting Kickstarter on April 2nd

Hundreds of possible variants - soon to be THOUSANDS

The Satanic Panic FB page can be found here:

The Kickstarter preview, here:

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

And The Great Gnoll Masters Are Done!

The masters for the Gnolls. Kudos to Chris Nicholls for the moulding and of course Martin Buck for the superb sculpts.

Now, it's over to you the potential customers to help me get these into production, circulation and an expansion :)

Please feel free to share but be sure to tell folks where you saw them.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Chillcon, Left Me Cold

Well, a couple of years ago I saw an email sent to traders telling them of the amazing show that Chillcon was going to be, following the death of Triples.

Now, whilst Triples had some major faults by the time the empire fell, it was, even in it's decline, arguably a major show. It just needed some work on it from a more commercially minded and P.R savvy team.

Chillcon has simply not filled those boots and to be honest, at £5 to get in, with only a couple of major traders, it was a bit embarrassing to admit  having paid to get in.

Cupcakes, face painting and a stall selling meads and beers?

Give over! Is it a wargames show or a bloody craft fair?

'Goody Bags' for £30 at a 'school show'

The gym has an awful amber lighting which means anything in there gets a sickly hue - Not a good place for a bring and buy where careful scrutiny is the name of the game.

Despite my recent  history with my former club (which I regret but which think was inevitable - It could have been someone else if not me, but I have a habit of opening my gob, for better or worse.) I beg you, SWS, get your game face back on, get some people in the industry on side, (we have a LOT of them in Sheffield) and make Sheffield great again.

I want to see good looking games, top manufacturers, less resellers and a proper bar with crusty grognards, bantering and debating rules, history and even the differences between High Elves and Town Elves. Frankly, it is my opinion that the organisers have no real idea of the hobby, say pre-95, and their idea of a warmer is someone who has little time and more money than sense, so that they gravitate to the 'glossy book' school. This in an area which is only second to Nottingham for it's input to the hobby and where they are singularly failing to raw bon the knowledge talent and vast miniature collections. When I say vast, I am talking individual collections of multiple thousands of 15 and 28mm models.

Chill con, when you remove the cheap gloss, is actually no different to many of the 'school shows' of the 80s and 90s, and in fact in many ways is actually not as good.

Many of the Grognards will recall fondly the Carlton Le Willows school show in Nottingham. It was run by the school, and they even opened the school canteen so that gamers could get a bloody good lunch for a bloody good price.

Ecclesfield and Chapeltown alone, have a serious number of gamers , many of whom have family connections with the school and therefore they could be a force for good.

I think it's time that someone roused the Sheffield gaming community and got Sheffield back on it's feet with a proper convention on a proper scale.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Great Gnoll Kickstarter To Launch On April 2nd

I can now confirm that the proposed launch date for a the Great Gnoll infantry Kickstarter will be April 2nd and will run for 28 days. 

The greens are off for mastering this week.

Martin is sculpting the cavalry at present, and then he is starting the next range. We'll re-visit the Gnolls after that and expand the infantry and cavalry as well as adding allied troops - All with the same variety and inter-model compatibility.

I've already commissioned Martin to make a special edition medallion/badge which will be very very limited. 

Thank you all for your support and comments so far. You've really helped by getting behind the project.

Please help the project by sharing this page and the Kickstarter, because this will certainly affect how I proceed in future and may even bring more armies a lot sooner than I have timetabled.

Thanks to you all for your support so far! I met with some enthusiastic supporters at Chillcon, but I'll not be at Salute this year due to commitments elsewhere.

PS: It'd be nice to reach 1000Facebook followers  followers before the KS launch
The Satanic Panic FB page can be found here:

The Kickstarter preview, here:

Monday, 11 March 2019

The Living City Gets Rezoned...

Well, I got rid of the MDF buildings because they were just not working for me and my curmudgeonly old school tastes and habits. Yesterday I went over to Doncaster (that town seems to be a motif in my gaming life over the last 4 decades) and paid £300 for 15 Old Glory buildings and then negotiated for a load more stuff for a total of £475 which bagged me:

3 x Empire Block 1
1 x Empire Block 2
2 x Corner Cafe
1 x Yonkers Department Store
2 x O’Banions Flower Shop
3 x White Horse Building
1 x Dublins Corner
1 x Bugsy Morans Garage
5 x Radcliffe Building
5 x Additional Floor Extensions
2 x Small Warehouse
1 x Rooftop Water Tower
9 x Rooftop Acces Doorways
5 x Skylights
1 x Outside Wall Lamps
1 x Streetlamps

Now, with shipping and before  customs that would equate to an $1=£1 basis so I got £1265 worth of buildings for £475.

The buildings are bloody enormous too!

And coincidentally, Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes is being re-released via Kickstarter… Take a look as it’s a lovely read and this is well priced.

Now, I must get to my desk to get some work done before our daughter pops in for breakfast and a coffee.


Saturday, 2 March 2019

The First Show Of The Year And What The Sharp Dressed Gamer Will Be Wearing...

Well, today I am off to the Hammerhead show at Newark, my first of the year, having decided against the Great Yorkshire Cattle Market which is Vapnartak, for the first time in over 20 years.

My shopping list is a ridiculously short one, comprising a mere 16 packets of 1/600 sci-fi from Magister Militum. The aim being to do a test run of sorts on the possibilities (high, I feel) for this scale on a traditionally sized among table.

I will of course pause the retailers and the tabletop sale (I think they have one), but I have few needs other than to shake of the ghosts I have from my last visit to the Newark Showground, as I had just returned from there last year, when my Mum dropped dead (no hyperbole, she just dropped apparently) leaving me with a dread of returning lest it incur a similar fatality this year. Given my current health issues, this may be a bridge too far.

So, my sartorial bent, is to the more casual, whilst still presenting myself in a somewhat elegant manner, to wit:

Blue calfskin boots - simple design by Hush Puppies

T.M Lewin 'weekend' shirt with 3 colours pin check in red and blues

Bespoke weskit with fuchsia and blue silk pocket square from Marks & Spencer.

Longines Hydronaut timepiece

Scent for the day is Penhaligon's Halfeti, a scent which is limp-wristedly butch and reassuringly expensive.

Now, I must away and prepare...