Monday, 19 January 2015

Food for thought... (Originally posted, 4th July, 2014. Republished here as a timely reminder)

In a combined operation, police and security services mounted a dawn raid on a suburban address in Sheffield today.

Early press releases stated that a large amount of terrorist literature, military equipment and crude bomb making equipment was recovered. When computers at the property were seized, it is believed that details of combat operations were also found.

It was also reported that the subject of the raid was fatally shot when he attempted to prevent armed officers from searching the contents of several tool boxes and failed to comply with the commands of the Officer leading the raid.

An official spokesman said later today, ' Whilst loss of life in operations such as the one this morning is regrettable, the nation's security must take precedence and following today's findings it is highly probable that more raids of this type will take place countrywide in the coming weeks.'

Now, consider the above;

That fictional account could be any of us.

I know of many wargamers, all meek and well mannered (well, mostly) who have such books on their shelves as the Penguin paperback of 'Guerrilla Warfare' by Che Guevara, Jane's books and other titles which could EASILY be classed as 'terrorist literature'.

Furthermore, I know of many who collect militaria (myself included, over the years). 'But officer... It's just a Napoleonic cavalry sabre.' will cut no ice, because the horrific attack on the Fusilier in London involved a simple a bread knife.

May of us have combat jackets, headwear and army surplus which in these twitchy days could make us the subjects of rendition flights.

And how many of us have jars of white metal miniatures, soaking in Nitromors (other patented paint removers are available), boxes of matches and candles, acrylic powders and many other things which a gung-ho idiot would hold up to the press as evidence of intent to cause an explosion. Imagine what a jar filled with those oddly shaped little dice we use could do with a little application, and the fear that might raise in a less than level-headed prosecutor.

How many of us have spoken into the phone about 'armies', 'my troops', how we slaughtered the opposition last night? How many of us do likewise in emails?

People have been tagged as potential terrorists for a whole lot less in the last couple of years.

Just food for thought...