Saturday, 24 January 2015

Replying To 'The Satanic Panic'

As you know I authored a book on being a gamer in the 80s. At 380 pages it was a monster of a 'geek fest' but I soon realised after hearing from readers that I had, and they wanted more...

So, I am slowly working on more memoirs which also branch out into other youth sub cultures I was involved in as well as other back ground stuff.

If you've read this blog in the past, you'll know that I also have an interest in the occult connections in gaming and the 'Satanic Panic' of the 80s.

Rather than address these topics in the second volume, I am sketching out for ideas for a counterpoint publication taking to task the numerous 'Christian responses' to gamers.

My reference material got quite a boost this week when I purchased the following books:

Playing With Fire - John Weldon & James Bjornstadt, 1984

A Christian Response To Dungeons & Dragons - Peter Leithart, 1988

Dungeon Master - William Dear, 1984

The Truth About Dungeons & Dragons - Joan Hake Robie, 1991

Devil's Web - Patricia Pulling, 1989

As you can see, there's a tendency to use images that would appeal to the fantasy obsessed. Pulling stated that the wholly fictional 'Necronomicon' was in fact real and suggested that police investigators should ask teenage occultists whether they had read it... *sigh*

If you have any material that was aimed at gamers by 'concerned parties' and you don't need or want it anymore, then I'd be very interested in coming to an arrangement with you to take ownership of it.

Of course you should expect a rant or two as I dive into this lot :)

But for now...