Sunday, 29 March 2015

So I Sold The Family Farm...

The last month has been quite an expensive one.

There were the Chaos Dwarves, the Great Spined Dragon and now, the very week in which I decide that perhaps having spent a four-figure sum on toys, I should recuperate a little, I am contacted to see whether I would be interested in spending another four figure sum on 3 original artworks by John Blanche?

Well, do wargamers wank over old Citadel catalogues?

Of course I was bloody interested...

And so, after securing the funds my darling wife drove me South at an unreasonable hour this morning to collect the works.

And what works they are!

Here are some pictures to make you drool. You will see in some images that I have included an old Citadel miniature for scale. For anyone interested it's 'Prince Ardelon', himself quite a sought after model.

First up, a 1987 sketch of a wizard, in pencils:

Next up, is a truly wonderful and insanely detailed abstract pice of a cyborg female suspended over a planet:

And then finally, a montage piece in that style which I would call 21st Century Blanche:

Along with my February purchase of the early John Blanche painting below...

My collection of original artwork by some of the best British sci-fi and fantasy artists is coming on in leaps and bounds. I have quite a few, but I confess that the John Blanche works are by far and away my favourites.