Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Well, work continues apace on two of my three railway layouts.

The OO layout 'Bright Pastures Yard' is coming on in leaps and bounds with the action shifting to the addition of buildings before the planting of security fencing and then the beginning of the super detailing stage.

It's very therapeutic and I am happy to potter here and there, even after a 10 hour shift painting wargames figures.

The larger layout 'Somewhere In Illinois' is still under construction by "The Fiddleyard" and as it is all paid for, I am in no rush. It's a large N scale layout set in Illinois in the mid to late 1980s along a semi-industrial valley, where Chessie System, Conrail and Norfolk Southern all have trackage rights.

It's coming along nicely now and with 25 points. it's going to be fun to operate.

I am anticipating a year of work to get the scenics completed once the basic layout is delivered. During that time I will be commissioning Ollie to undertake a 14 x 1 ft N scale layout depicting a coastal logging operation in New England. But that will not begin until after Xmas, as I need to get my studio rearranged to accommodate all three.


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