Wednesday, 2 March 2016

An Oldhammer bargain...

Well, once again, I grabbed a genuine old school, bargain, in the shape of 220 figures from the early to late 80s, for the most part being Dark Elves, which is always good.

Also in there are the contents of a few Regiments Of Renown, Kaleb Daark, 1st ed Skaven and some rather fine monsters and the like, as well as a pretty much full set of the Standard Games Mon-Ogres (Orcs)

The asking price was £299, but offers were invited, and so made my offer of £235 and it was accepted.

Now, all I want are the Dark Elves, so there will be 50 or so models and the boxes shown in the pics, being offered to the connoisseur collectors. Alas, a large number of my fellow enthusiasts will not be able to share in the joy, since my removal from the Oldhammer Trading, Facebook group last week, which is a shame.

Anyway, here are pics of the haul...



  1. I'm tapped out on purchases until Salute at the moment, but I think if you've got the cash, these big purchases are actually the way to go - you can sell on the pieces you don't need and the bargain of the remaining bits you were after becomes even better. Trying to purchase individual figures is where the prices start racking up.

  2. I agree. Bulk buying is indeed the way, and always has been for me as I lack patience...


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