Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Happy As An Orc In A Hobbit Hole...

So, there I was working hard, doing double shifts to get stuff done for a client at very short notice, ahead of their display game at Salute.

I was flagging, having been up since 4AM and coffee was just not doing the business, when hark, what should I hear but the sound of a postman struggling up the cul-de-sac, his sack bulging and a full post bag over his shoulder.

I could tell by the way he was glaring up at the Dark Tower that he was carrying a large order for me.

And oh, what an order...

A box was handed over containing 8 more locos and a couple of cabooses from Prairie Shadows, whom you will recall, I have previously spoken highly of.

And so, having promised myself some train time if I got all my work done, I was reinvigorated and was finished by 16:00.

The locos are excellent, and the 3 Rapido DCC sound chipped GMD-1s are frankly, bloody awesome. The special edition Intermountain F7s are stunningly quiet, and the limited edition cabooses just got me all moist.

I'll do a better report in the next few days, with pics...

Now, I need to go and relax a little.


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