Monday, 8 August 2016

Simple Guiltless Pleasure...

Even after more than 3 and a half decades of gaming, I still get a thrill when I add something to my collection that's beautifully painted, sculpted or just plain exciting.

It has the same thrill as the kiss of a first love, which I concede is not quite as exciting as that 'eureka!' moment when you first experience gaming and decide that's the hobby for you. That is like the first love thing but with tongues... I am not sure that it beats your first fuck, but with the right figures, it could be a close run thing.

I can't put my finger on why, other than I think that I have never truly tired of participating in a group-based game of 'let's pretend', imagining a character in a role playing game, creeping and hacking their way through the catacombs below the mist shrouded tower of the fell necromancer lord, or perhaps playing a historical miniatures game, guiding brigades to victory from the saddle of a fine chestnut stallion.

I hope I never lose it, because when I do, the child which resides in the adult shell will have metaphorically died, and that is when I think I will really consider myself old and perhaps tire of life.

There are too many gamers who seem to think that what they do is far nobler than it actually is. I don't care how much someone tells me how realistic their games are or minutely detailed the rules they use, they are still, when all is said and done, playing with toy soldiers, just as they probably did as a child. They are indeed, still that same child, only now, as is the way, they seem ashamed to admit it.

To hell with that... I opened 22 box files of figures, last week, and literally squealed and did a little jog-on-the-spot dance every time I gazed upon another pretty unit or artistically superb flag.

Why restrain yourself because of what you fear others may think? Life is so very short that you should embrace every gram of enjoyment you can.

So, off you go. Dig out some figures that you know will give you a buzz, and have that heady feeling and proudly let loose with that squeal.


  1. I can't agree more with that sentiment - came back from Bovington Tank museum today with a Cobi (Polish Lego) panzer II. We started to build straight after tea - I'm not sure who had the most fun (one of us is 40, the other 6), but we're going to crack on after breakfast and build the turret and tracks.

  2. I still have a Lego Ghostbusters fire station to build, with the dogs ;)


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