Tuesday, 15 November 2016

LARGE Dwarven Forge Collection

I am looking for a new home for my Dwarven Forge collection The best laid plans of mice and me, and all that.

Carrying them up and down two flights of stairs, with arthritis and the sheer time taken to put it all away means I am now looking at other ways of portraying sprawling dungeons.

The price is £2000 for the lot.

Alternatively I would part exchange for painted figures of any type or scale, as long as they are in army sized formations.

I'd also consider a part ex on a large collection of Traveller RPG suff (classic A5 books)

I'd certainly take a full set of Grenadier AD&D boxed mini sets as 50% in part exchange

I'd be a looking at 50% cash to goods for part exchange.

Classic Painted

2 x Catacombs set
1 x Catacombs Set 2
2 x Den Of Evil room set
1 x Den Of Evil expansion set
1 x Den Of Evil Additions set
 2 x Realm Of The Ancients set
2 x Realm Of The Ancients Set 2
1 Room & Passage Set
4 x Narrow straight passages1 x Traps set 2
2 x Torch walls
4 x wide dead ends
1 x wooden ramp with stone boulder
2 x sets of urns and pots
2 x walls with pits
2 x narrow right angled passages
4 x half wall passages
4 x medium flat cavern rocks

Dwarvenite Painted

5 x Dungeon Starter
2 x Narrow dungeon Passage sets
1 x Cavern set
1 x Cavern floor set
1 x Narrow cavern passages set
1 x Cavern wicked additions set
1 x Ice cavern set
1 x Ice Wyrm
1 x Diagonal passage set
1 x Chasm pack
1 Stair and dais pack
1 x Dungeon dressing pack
1 x Ancient TReasures set
1 x Dungeon floors pack
2 x Sewer sets
1 x Cavern lake set
1 x Mushroom set

Dwarvenite UNPAINTED

2 x Dungeon Starter
2 x Chamber of Sorrows sets
1 x cavern set

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