Friday, 7 April 2017

Orcs At The Gates...

My very first army  of a fantastic nature was Orcs; later Goblins found their way into the mix. But, for about 3 months, every penny I had was spent on Orcs, initially only the Perry FTO sculpts but then as I found my way into world of fantasy miniatures, I expanded into the excellent Chronicle range.

Of course, Chronicle was later subsumed into Citadel and it all went pear shaped, thereafter, until Nick Lund joined Grenadier and some of his uniquely designed Orcs appeared in that company's catalogue.

I have never been one for the forces of Good, with the exception of a rather stunning Jes Goodwin Elf army I bought in the 90s on the Triples bring and buy for a pittance. No, I am as many will agree an inherently evil kinda guy, and the Orcs are probably still a guilty favourite of mine.

Of course, under Warhammer there are the animosity rules which plague goblinoid armies, but, how many of you realised that in Forces Of Fantasy, Orcs are not subject to animosity? Read the lists... They are subject to animosity from other goblinoid troops but are pretty self controlled themselves. This makes them a tough opponent under 1st edition, if you attack boldly, use all the 'well hard' units and are prepared to take some losses.

Anyway, I digress...

As you know by now, I am determined not to paint more of my own stuff than I have to. My wife who, actually enjoys painting is painting my Essex Undead for about a litre of Chanel perfume, and whilst I don't mind painting a few bits, I have decided that if I am going to own an Orc army, I will use Nick Lund sculpts, which I can get ready painted from EM4 at £3 per model, which, is a pretty fair price for a painted metal miniature. I'll paint the command groups, wolf riders and artillery, but the rank and file of which I have ordered 200 are all coming from EM4.

Now they only produce 5 models, with a single shield design, but, as Orcs are tribal, a tribal shield design will fit very nicely, and the command groups can be painted to give an identity to each unit:

Personally, I love them because they look like the models I used as a kid. They are contemporary in terms of design and feel with 1st edition Warhammer, and when I give them a good quality retro basing job, they will fairly exude 'old school', as is right and proper.

I'm then going to simply buy 20 more pre-painted models per month until I hit 400 infantry - enough for any Orc general, I think.


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