Sunday, 14 May 2017

I Find My Lack Of Self Restraint Disturbing...

Yesterday saw a gang of us trooping down to Warhammer World because (and I think I should be candid) we are the wargaming equivalent of crack whores in need of scores.

You see, the new edition of Warhammer 40K is actually looking as if it is something which old sweats like us can jive with and learn to love like a long lost brother who, after running away from home with the contents of the family safe and living the life of a surf bum in Baja, has returned home to be welcomed back to the family bosom, whilst being treated with caution, 'just in case'.

It took two of less than ten minutes to put away £300 of purchase on 5 items later increased by about half as much again. Damn, but the Forge World store works powerful voodoo on the wallet.

I came away with:

1 x Dark Eldar Tantalus
3 x Eldar Jet Bikes
1 x Prince Ymriel
1 x Eldar Wasp
1 x Eldar Hornet
2 x sheets of decals for an old, old friend who resides in Japan, but still feels the draw of the Dark Empire even in the land of the rising sun.

We dined well on some very good pizzas and coffees and then made our way home after I had been discouraged from spending £500+ on an Eldar Phantom class titan in 28mm. I was 'this' close!

I did something I rarely seem to do these days and sat at my desk until I had built a set of 3 Eldar Hornet light tanks, then checked in on social media to find that the previously mentioned friend in Japan, the learned and enlightened Darren Ashmore PhD was offering up something very nice for sale... Namely his 'Saberforge' custom lightsaber which is the absolute dog's bollocks to coin a phrase.

Now, as you know I have a thing about dressing in black and posing around - I blame it on several years of being a Goth in the 80s (No, I was not there when they sacked Rome). Thus, the chance to get all Sithy was too much... I reasoned, I rationalised, I looked in my wallet and was defeated wholesale. Darth Dibbler had me on the ropes and money changed hands (and I will say that the price was VERY fair indeed for a film grade, metal, sound FX-equipped prop like this:

Thus it appears that Darth Bastard will be coming to cosplay events near you in the near future. I can hardly wait to get my sweaty hands on this fine piece.

So, this weekend has been an expensive, exhausting but in the end very pleasurable one indeed.

TTFN, and may the force be with you...


  1. Yup... When it arrives I'll post a video of the functions. It's all metal, and could be used for kendo, it's so sturdy.


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