Monday, 4 September 2017

Laserburn In My Lap...

One of my favourite games down the years has been Laserburn.

I originally bought the main rules in the early days of Games Workshop, here in Sheffield and then purchased that add-ons from GW and Tabletop Games who published it.

Well, last night I was looking for something totally unrelated on a well known online auction site when in the 'You might like this' section what should pop up but a pretty much complete set of Laserburn with under 1 minute left to go.

So, taking this as an omen I popped a bid on the lot and a few seconds later they dropped into my lap.

£26.15 netted me this lovely little lot:

With the scenarios selling at £20-£30 each in the pas, I am very happy indeed with the purchase.

Now, down that slippery slope, I go once again.

In other news, I also took receipt of 22,500 painted Heroics & Ros Napoleonics yesterday morning which are very attractively painted by long term friend and amateur brushmaster Andy Needham who  replaced his 5mm collection with 15mm models in similar numbers.


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