Thursday, 23 November 2017

The 80s Keep Dragging Me Back, Like A Fat Lass At The School Xmas Disco...

Busy though I am, I am still keeping an eye open for the odd 80s gem.

I was listening to the 13th episode of The Grognard Files and was reminded of the classic Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes, published to this day by Flying Buffalo.

Given that I was an employee of Chris Harvey Games, and by extension FBUK, you'd have thought I'd have been on top of this one, but no sir, I just gave it a miss, being of the opinion that it was too low brow for my refined tastes. Yes, at times I can be a twat, and this was one of those times.

In the 80s we poo-poo'd Tunnels & Trolls and the offshoot system MSPE as being 'silly' and over simplistic, but in reality these games were ahead of their time and actually stand up pretty well 35 years on.

Anyway, you can find an excellent podcast on the game (and many more classics) here:

So, after a really bad night last night caused by drinking a large Marks & Spencer 'espresso martini' after 9PM after a 4AM start to the day, I awoke to find that my negotiations with a seller, had bagged me the majority of what was available for the game, for a very reasonable price tag of £40.

I just need to fins a copy of 'Raid On Rajallapor', so if you have one, please drop me a line...


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  1. I'm hoping that they cover West End Game's Star Wars at some point.


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