Monday, 1 January 2018

And Just Around The Corner, Is The English Civil War...

Firstly, let me open the first post of 2018 with a very warm and hearty 'HAPPYYYY NEEEEEEW YEEAAARRR!'

OK, now that's out of the way, we can get back to the serious stuff :)

I've spent the last week rather poorly with bronchitis, and whilst I am not fully recovered by any stretch of the imagination, the antibiotics are coursing through my veins and I am back at my desk at 6AM in the morning cracking on with another fully booked year of painting. Civilisations may rise, empires may fall, but Conflict In Colour must always soldier on regardless!

Whilst I have spent many hours in hot and steaming baths this so-called holiday, I have pondered on what I want to do this coming year as I wind down my buying of lead ahead of my 50th birthday.

As you may recall, VBCW was on the cards, but I confess, I don't quite 'connect' with it. But, then I remembered a blog entitled 'Winter Of '79' with the premise that after Margaret Thatcher came to power, there would be a collapse of the U.K and a bitter civil war, as Left battled Right and all of the other politically charged causes of that era which I remember so well, all came to a head.

So, I took the trusty Pad into the bath and did a search or two, to find that there are now some lovely looking and seemingly sensible rules, plenty of metal Cold War figures and civilians and of course the traditional plastic kits and figures.

Of course there are also tons of buildings in assorted media, meant for model railways which are perfect too, so it does look like this one has legs and some real possibilities for 'true to life' what-if scenarios free of armed football teams and gun toting W.I groups.

And so, as I actually feel like painting a platoon myself I ordered a standard British platoon made up of PHQ and 3 x 8 man sections with some M.Ps, a dog handler a nice vignette of squaddies brewing up whilst a mate takes their photo ('Dear Mum, here are me and the lads, having a break in-between rounds of killing striking Yorkshire miners...') and a couple of other bits and pieces to represent attachments from the battalion. All models were ordered from Elheim and look jolly pretty.

Of course, it may be that the Falklands fall, the Warsaw Pact infiltrate or simply go nuclear, dissidents  manage to get into Greenham Common or that the I.R.A become even bolder and mobilise. Maybe the Tooting Popular Front will actually become something more than taproom Trostkyites. Who can tell?

Whatever way the alternate history goes, it could actually pan out into a rather nice 'period' which does not cost that much in the big picture of things.

We shall see...

Anyway, if you will excuse me I have 18 hours of freedom before I must return, unrefreshed to the painting desk, so I shall bid you a very fine farewell for the present.

Hope your gaming in 2018 is all you could wish for.


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  1. Happy New Year! Sounds like an interesting period to game.


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