Monday, 8 January 2018

Of Lurgy, 1979 And The Accursed Roger...

Well, as my friend Roger just pointed out via email, it's been 'ages' since I posted. Well, Roger, here you go old chap, a brief update...

I've been horrendously busy since my return to the studio last Tuesday and doubly so because I've been working on 15mm Napoleonics for which I have an unreasonable level of loathing and which, added to recovering from bronchitis made my days hellish.

By Friday I was feeling pretty good and then at around 18:10 on Saturday night I was struck down again, worse than before. The fact that I take Methotrexate for my arthritis, which suppresses the immune system has certainly not helped and I confess that  feel as rough as hell at present, with another full week of 15mm Napoleonics ahead of me.

On the gaming front, whilst I am still waiting for my Elheim 20mm Cold War British to arrive, my 'Winter of '79' rules and supplement arrived on Friday. They look pretty good and are beautifully presented. I do have a few issues with the background covering Yorkshire, and in particular my home city which is viewed with some suspicion by the rest of the county. So, I am currently sketching out some ideas for a Sheffield source book with scenarios utilising some of the unique (at the time) architectural and social features of the city.

I'll also be re-watching the excellent 'Threads', (a film which I had a small part in), because it's very much 'of the time' for the WO79 rules.

And now to the last part of the title, and yes, I am looking at you, Roger...

Roger and I, back in the day were not only big fans of Q.T miniatures, but we also dabbled in many periods. One of these was the renaissance, and I shudder to think how many we painted in our prime.

Well, my chum mentioned that he was rekindling his interest in the period, and in 28mm, so try as I might to resist the temptation, I have been drawn back towards the great and gaudy Satan, which is the 16th century wargame.

Thank you Roger!

Speaking of which, if anyone has any painted 28m Renaissance and are going to Vapnartak, drop me a line here, as I will be interested in giving you hard cash for them (and so may Roger I'll wager).

So, I'll say farewell for the moment and if I am a bit quiet, it's simply workload and health.



  1. I fully sympathise - I used to take Methotrexate to manage psoriasis, but now have injections which also suppress the immune system.

  2. It's wonderful isn't it? ;)

    I also have to have anti-TNF meds too which just makes it worse... But, onwards and upwards.


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