Monday, 26 March 2018

Finished, Apart From One Vexing Job...

Well, it was a good week for the most part, last week.

My wife did a stunning job in basing 1000 pieces of 28mm renaissance in a frankly unbelievable 5 days.

yesterday, I spent an equally amazing 4 hours, removing 90% of the old (and shoddy) flags from the figures and then netting them down with my trust Winsor & Newton Professional Artist's Matt Varnish, going through 600ml and undoubtedly doing myself some physical harm from the fumes, such was the volume I used.

Now, all I need to do is fit the flags whilst I take a 10 day break, commencing this Friday.

Ah yes, the flags...

The butcher's bill for the 90-100 flags I required set me back £75. Yes, you read that correctly, seventy-five English Pounds. But., you know me, I only do things the right way.

I'm very happy with my purchases, but you know how it goes... You awake on a Monday morning, the Spring sunshine floods your very soul, and you innocently buy 180 or so Swiss Renaissance models and then the Wars of Religion regiment catches your eye. So you buy one...

Then, you think that at a pound per figure they are good value, so you buy another.

Then, you think that 4 would be nice to make a Spanish tercio up and buy two more.

And as is the way, you the get the brilliant idea that 4 sub units of sword and buckler would also add a frisson to the tercio and so you buy those.

Next thing you know, the day has cost you dearly, you've added another 330 models to the painting list and you get a call from your tailor late in the day to say that they have a Donegal tweed 3-piece suit awaiting your attention and wallet, so another £900 will need to be found by Wednesday so that you can keep the title of 'Best Dressed Wargamer'...

What a bleeding life eh? It's hell I tell you... SHEER HELL!


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