Monday, 12 March 2018

Tatty Rubbish From Warlord...

Well, it's been a day of double disappointments with the arrival of my copy of Eduard Wagner's 'European Weapons & Warfare 1618 to 1648' purchased last week from Warlord Games.

The package arrived today and I have to say I was pretty excited.

Upon opening the package which also contained the superb 'Devil's Playground' and some figures, this was the sight which greeted me:

Now, this is frankly not bloody acceptable from a company the size of Warlord, if at all, and I am as you may imagine a tad over the red line at which 'pissed off' registers. In fact I'm getting a bit closer to 'Fucking Annoyed'.

Now, that is the 'tatty' part of the title, now we shall go to the 'Rubbish' part, which is the content of the book. With almost 300 pages there's about the text content of an Osprey Elite title. The rest of the book is made up of truly awful illustrations and diagrams which are childlike at best. In fact I had to wonder whether the children of the publisher were responsible. It's a truly awful book, and you'd get more from an Osprey or two and the whole experience would be far more enjoyable.

In brief:

Piss poor product, piss poor packaging... Don't waste your money!


PS: I will say that 'The Devil's Playground' is stunning and did not suffer the same fate. I'd encourage you to buy this title as it sets the standard for background and army lists.

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