Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Frustration, The Temptation, The Satisfaction... All Wrapped In Cardboard.

It's a hard week here at The Dark Tower, as I'm busy - and that's good. so no complaints you understand. But, when I get a delivery at lunchtime and I can't do anything until the day's work is done, it's rather frustrating.

Today was one of those days when a couple of boxes of figures arrived. Now, when I say a couple of boxes, I should rather say 'crates':

Worse still, my eldest Scottie, being wise to my wiles, decided to stand guard  over the 27kg of renaissance goodness therein.

And then, as if Fate Herself was against me, my wife finished work before I, and undid the lot, commenting that had she seen this first she'd have had it, which to be honest is a great indicator that I have spent my money wisely.

Only one package got damaged and that will be easily repaired, so both I and the previous owner are at our ease.

I must give credit to Robert W, as he packaged each unit in it's own box, with the name written on it. 

Next I'll get the few repairs undertaken and then I'll varnish them - along with the 250 Landsknechts I bought on Sunday - with MTN94 high gloss anti-UV varnish before sticking them down to new MDF bases with rounded corners which I get from East Riding Miniatures. I use ERM for all of my commercial work as well personal and I will not go anywhere else. Tony delivers fast and his product is very, very good indeed. If you use MDF bases, check out ERM because you'll not be disappointed.

Once they are on new bases, my wife has been commissioned to add the texture and foliage, after which they'll all be matt varnished using Winsor & Newton professional artists varnish. This will keep them bright, protected and pleasing to the eye. I hear from people so often who tell me the use 'A' or 'B' brand and it's cheaper than W&N, but trust me... after nearly 40 years of studying art,  painting figures and in later year years spending 200 hours a month painting to fill the larder, I have tried many types and learned sometimes the hard way. 

MTN94 and Montana Gold gloss varnishes dry in 5-10 minutes and smooth out the paint as well as enhance the colours whilst protecting the model from UV.What's more, they are not expensive and go a long way because of the quality of the product.

 The W&N professional varnish is what it says, a professional grade varnish which is truly matte, and which does not cloud or dull your work like the much vaunted Testors varnish. Using it over the gloss, keeps the matt finish porcelain smooth. Also - and this can be crucial if you are not someone who understands atmospheric effects on paints and varnishes - it can be removed with turpentine, and because you will have used an acrylic varnish underneath it, will remove easier and without damaging the figure.

So there you go, I am a very happy little rabbit this week, as I have taken ownership of about 960 pieces of 28mm renaissance and had them safely delivered. I just need to buy a couple more units now to cross that magic figure of 1000 pieces. Maybe after work today...


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