Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Winter Warmers...

Well, after a week of snow (not Canadian snow, I admit, but snow like we used to have when I was a lad) all is back to normal. Thank the gods that the memsahib works from home a lot more now and that she’s not on the motorway to Leeds every day. She works from home because she is a highly paid professional, I do the same because I am an anti-social slacker... The money's the same, but the motivation isn't :)

Last week I took delivery of a bundle of goodies including 4 Osprey books on the 30 years war, the Pike & Shot rules, the 1644 rules, Judge Dredd RPG (original GW version) and the JD boardgames (again the GW version). The Grognard Files Podcast has a lot to answer for. If you can find someone who can get the Arch Frother to buy something old school, then you know they are truly hardcore.

The 30YW books are more of a pictorial reference for the memsahib to paint my two armies from, but as I’ve never read those they are a bit of fun. You will recall that I don't paint stuff for myself

If you don’t have a copy, I suggest that you get a copy of the Funcken’s ‘Waffen Und Rustungen’. I don’t read much German, but with 200 plates it’s still a lovely reference for anyone interested in the Middle Ages through to the 16th Century. You’ll get one on eBay for about £10. Trust me on this. 

As I think I mentioned, I picked up a 15mm Mikes Models Wars of Religion collection. Well, yesterday I sold it and bought a 720 piece 28mm Wars of Religion collection for metal cost. 400 infantry, 160 cavalry and some artillery for £1000… OK, it’s not award winning painting but you know that for me, ‘tidy’ is good. When they are rebased to my standard (well, the memsahib's actually, as she has accepted my coin so that I don’t have to touch figures at the weekend) they will look rather passable. 

It’s a 27KG package so I’ve had to go to great lengths to find a standard courier. I’ve been chasing the army for 7 months. The asking price began at £1500, but I played the waiting game (No point in being ‘irregular ‘A’ about things) and saved a packet. 

With that, I better slouch off to my desk and earn a crust...



  1. I’m in awe of your being able to earn a substantial crust doing what you clearly enjoy - more power to your elbow.

  2. Thanks, but it's not something I enjoy, but something I do...


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