Monday, 2 April 2018

Of Holidays, Pike Blocks And Pop Culture (Tinged With The Odd Fuckwit)

We have snow today and so as I have made myself stay home for two days just 'being', and merely pottering about, it was sensible for me to start with my flag fitting. I'm almost there, apart from the few dozen Landsknecht banners which are still not here from Flags of War, after a week

I have 4 boxes of the metal Wars Of Religion pike and shot from Warlord on the way as well as the 6 boxes of plastics I bought last week. I think I’ll add as many plastics again if they are still on a ‘special’ because as an old friend whose name rhymes with 'dodger' did quoth recently : ‘You can never have too many Landsknechts…’ Like a sucker I believed him... That's my story and I am sticking to it

I went to Chillcon on Saturday and was underwhelmed with the traders who were there, but, as it was 9 minutes from where I sit, it filled two hours. I bought a copy of Devils Run: Route 666 which looks like a fun game and a magazine, whilst the memsahib bought herself a copy of the Pike & Shotte rules and a load of scenic stuff. It had, I must confess a 'can do' attitude, but the trade was very samey, with few historical traders and even less miniature companies. There was way too much MDF, which I for one loathe and detest, but as everyone is buying it these days, what do I know? Me, I'll stick to good old resin for my scenery, thank you very much.

NOTE TO WARLORD GAMES:                                                                                                           

When someone comes to your stall with a book in her hand, and asks the chap manning it, whether he has a better copy, he should not give a rather abrupt 'No' whilst keeping his eyes fixed firmly on the screen of his smart phone, giving the impression of being a pony-tailed pillock!

This is rude, and his fuckwittery cost Warlord knock on sales of £300 which have now been made elsewhere by that lady. You may not need that £300 being the giant corporate entity you are, but from small acorns, and all that...

Anyway, it did get me thinking very seriously about staging a one day show in Sheffield. I have the funds doing nothing, so I am gathering around me, a group of objective and enthusiastic advisors and making a serious go of it after a couple of years of deliberation.

I am also seriously considering my first trip to a cinema since the first Lord Of The Rings movie (which I slept through - honestly) to see ‘Ready Player One’ as it looks to be as close to the book as possible. The book was pure 'Geek-Lit' of course (no bad thing) but an enjoyable retro romp for a sad case like your correspondent.

I spent last night with a rather fine seafood pizza, watching E.T with the memsahib, just to remind myself how good Spielberg is when he brings out his ‘A’ game.

I am hoping that my batteries will be re-charged by taking a ten day break - God knows, I need it! 

On Wednesday, we are going over to the Royal Armouries to snap some pictures in the renaissance areas and generally reinvigorate my own vibe for my cherished period. An arms race over the internet is ensuing, as my scattered buddies of old all want one final big game before we retire, hence the hurried collecting of any and I mean ANY 28mm renaissance we can get our hands on. Would you believe that with 24 feet of display space, Foundry did not take a single pack of renaissance to Chillcon? Sheer lunacy!

Anyway, that’s all the news there is, but here are some pics of the ever-growing collection, as it nears completion of ‘Phase Alpha’.

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