Sunday, 15 April 2018

The 16th Century Arms Race Gathers Pace...

Well, it's ben a busy wk at work, so yesterday I decided to do something I rarely if ever do, and paint a few models for my own use.

I ravaged three Warlord command blisters and came up with a nice HQ stand to represent 'me' in the guise of the His Militant Eminence, Cardinal Synne, along with his ADC and enforcer, Big Francois, who are listening to the grovelling snivelling of an ensign who has got his standard all ripped and dirty...

For 7 hours from start to finish, I am very happy with the finished article and, it was nice to paint a personal project because normally I just can't be bothered.

My wife also spent the afternoon finishing her own (and first ever) units of Reiter to begin her own later Henry VIII army, thereby heating up the 16h century arms race already underway between several of us including Roger (from whom the Reiter came a few weeks ago), my mate Dave and my younger brother, Andy...

These have taken Kayte about two days in total from start to finish, s she's made a really nice job of them. She's only 966 pieces behind me at present, but I suspect that the Machiavellian Roger will be ahead of me by now, so I really ought to finalise my next expansion of my collection with 400-500 Scots asap.

Over my holiday the other week, I was able to get all the flags on the rest of my collection in 3 days of work, so now it's looking a lot better than when the models first arrived with me (see earlier posts)...

The flags are a mix of Flags Of War, Donington and Battle Flag and are superb. I ordered several sheets from Wargames Designs and they were AWFUL. They were paler than shown and the paper was nothing like as good as that on the others.

Well, I'll leave you to enjoy the weekend,



  1. Very nice - not really my period of history, but I love to see a well-painted army (or two).

  2. It's a very rewarding period to collect and game


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