Monday, 16 April 2018

A Cautionary Tale

This weekend I was browsing social media when I saw a call for help from a gamer here in the UK who was trying to get in touch with Richard Williams of Manticore Painting.

I knew of Mr Williams as he'd frequented a couple of groups I also lurk in and I'd heard rumours that he was upsetting a few people in deals. Now I could not confirm this, but it seemed plausible given that it transpired that the gentleman in question (whom I shall refer to as B.H henceforth) had sent Mr Williams figures and money over five months ago and had or heard nothing thereafter.

Now, I'd helped out another fellow last year with a similar issue  and so, as I had nothing to do inbetween coats of varnish I managed to setup a 3-way conversation with myself as mediator.

B.H was being very, very fair and asked that Mr W. supply photos of the ongoing work. 

Mr W. was evasive and so a deadline was drawn for the matter to be taken further in the small claims courts. All Mr W. had to do was supply some quick photos. Mr W. was also made aware that if he did not resolve the matter, it would be made public.

By this morning B.H had reached the end of his tether (and rightly so, I feel) and drew a line under the whole thing. Mr W. came out with a several excuses which frankly did not whitewash with B.H or indeed myself as an impartial observer. 

Mr W. then left the conversation and disappeared, presumably to try and rush out the work, which would make me as a client very uneasy were I in that situation.

And so I am taking ten minutes from my own working day to make public this awful example of a so-called 'professional'.

It's not good enough to run a business this way and reflects badly on those who earn their living painting day in and day out, and who do take their work and business seriously.


  1. Well that's a mature way to give a warning. I was ranted at and booted from the Tabletop Games Network Facebook group for pointing out that the admin who was doxing a painting service for an alleged non-delivery of services was breaching Facebook's privacy policy. There really are some unstable people on Facebook :-)

  2. It was actually a very fair way, given the length of conversation the two people had and the fact that due diligence was done, facts confirmed and a path of resolution laid out and ostensibly agreed to.

  3. After several weeks, Richard Williams of Manticore Painting Service has failed to keep his promise, and I understand that the matter is now proceeding through legal channels.


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