Friday, 25 May 2018

Flock You, And At A Reasonable Cost, Too!


This is one of the rare times I advertise a product, but it’s one I think you may all find useful. It’s one of my own products too.

So without further ado gentlemen, I am proud to announce the start of S.N.A.F.U, my own range of very high quality static grass.

SNAFU is the new range of static grass from Conflict In Colour.

It comes in sizes from 0.5mm to 4mm and is currently available in 15 varieties. This static grass id high quality and is now used exclusively on all Conflict In Colour painting commissions.

If you’ve seen my N gauge layouts and our 6mm and 15mm wargames basing, that's the 2mm and it’s just the ticket. We have ‘tones’ which are straight, single shade fibres and ‘blends’. The tones are great if you want to experiment with your own custom mixes (although we use ‘tones’ on most of our basing) and the blends are ready to go ‘stock flock’ for those of you who like the traditional shades.

We have some useful colours such as white in 0.5mm which is great for snow and ‘undergrowth’ which is a sage green and which looks great when used for a frosty grassland.

Javis - 15gm - £1.75 (11.6p per gm)
Model Tree Shop - 20gm - £3.00 (15p per gm)
Noch - 20gm - £2.60 (13p per gm)
WWS - 30g - £3.50 (11.6p per gm)

SNAFU - 125ml / 20g £1.80 (9p per gm)

What’s more, if you want 1KG (the equivalent of over 50 bags) We can do a special order for £50.00 per KG - A very affordable way to cover large areas with the best quality static grass at just 5p per gm

We Also offer trade terms of 1/3 off RRP to bona fide traders.

Get in touch in all instances at

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