Thursday, 26 September 2013

'I realised this morning that a year has passed since I had a really good rant about the attitude of a particular group of gamers that I and others encountered last year on the convention circuit, with particular disgust at Fiasco and the Derby World Championships.

Briefly, there was a group of forty-something gamers doing the rounds who looked like extras for a reality show about bailiffs or survivalists in the deep southern USA, who appeared to think that ladies and children were there to be literally in some cases, brushed aside so that they could indulge their repressed man-child which was straining at the chains, beneath their shaven pates, pilot jackets and fatigue trousers.

They were in essence, acting like top class arseholes.

Back in the golden days of gaming yore, known to mortal man as the 80s, we had lots of kids in this hobby, less in the way of ladies. Over the intervening years those kids (and I was one) have grown up, married and added to the gamer biomass by taking a few minutes to procreate instead of rolling dice. In my case, my daughter has recently done her bit for the team, and supplied a third generation of the Hides clan, who will, once he can focus a little better, be given dice and a character sheet and will be initiated into the hobby.

It would seem however, that the miscreants in question must have missed out on that game or just not care what happens to the hobby beyond their own little world. They barged, and pushed children to see the offerings, maybe making a supposed pithy comment or two and then moving on to the next stall.

Women were disregarded as mere space-wasters from what I and others observed and we all secretly prayed that they would treat my own good lady in such a way and learn from their error.

I will comment at this juncture that the fair Kayte was once spoken down to and over on the matter of gaming by a top flight figure manufacturer, who paused only to admire her bathykolpian magnificence. (See the following link for a visual primer on the word - )

 It was pointed out to him that her eyes were situated somewhat higher on her than he perhaps surmised and then she took him to task on his topic of conversation with your humble correspondent.

I have not seen the same little bunch this year, and I am hoping that they thought that Dec 21st 2012 was the end of the world and have ensconced themselves deep beneath the earth in a concrete wargames room waiting for 'the big one'.

As it is Derby this week, I shall be looking out for them as I absorb the extortionate prices charged by the caterers for what can only in an act of descriptive leniency as a bacon butty (that's a bacon sandwich for those of you not familiar with colloquial English terms for a breakfast comprising of slices of pan seared pig in between two thicknesses of bread with the condiment of choice) with a coffee that if it is like that served last year will be so weak that the sugar cube I'll put in it might kick the sh*t out of it.

I went down to one of my local clubs last night for what I thought would be a nice comfortable game of 28mm medievals, but one of the eight people gathered around the table was behaving in a manner which in time may evolve into that of the individuals I mentioned earlier in this rant. I was so pissed off at having to watch this display, that I begged my good lady to take me home before I said something I might regret at a later time, or more importantly may say again and again in an unaccustomed attack of bad manners.

So, we were back home, drinking a decent red wine and eating toasted muffins by 20:15, and a good friend of mine allowed me to rant at him about my evening until 23:45, so incensed was I.

Really folks, we have to think about the image we portray. The Lord knows that in my time I have been churlish, my goodness yes. In fact on Saturday last I was discussing a rather dark period of my life where I chose to see my friends as enemies. Mind you I saw the whole of mankind as my enemy as I tumbled on a wave caused by a bad relationship, the baggage of which, I carried into the early years of my relationship with my dear wife, lashing out emotionally at anyone who gave a damn about me. And so I was humbled when one of the people I trust most said that indeed I had been a cad, bounder and blackguard of high order in my youth, but that they and others were always there for me.

And so, I am dedicated these days to being as positive as possible, to promoting my hobby as accessible to all and, if needs be, to speak out against those who act in a manner which reduces the joy of this fine hobby.

And now, moving on...

As many of those who know me will be aware, (some shaking their heads in despair) I play both historical and fantasy games. Until this time I have never indulged in superhero themed gaming. True, I did visit Games Workshop twice every day in the summer of 1984 awaiting the release of the 'Golden Heroes' RPG, which failed to thrill me on all levels, apart from the two sets of miniatures that were produced to represent players and the foes they might encounter. For me, it ended there, until this years 'Sheffield Triples' when a very talented chap by the name of Steve Hird turned up with his costume depicting the 'War Machine' character seen in the film 'Iron Man 2'.

Well, that got me watching the films and from there as we all know if we have watched 'Spartacus', 'The Wild Geese' or 'The Lord Of The Rings', lies gaming madness.

And so today, I find myself in possession of 4KG of 28mm scale superhero miniatures that I picked up at a very reasonable price at the weekend from a chap on one of the forums I lurk in.

Now, with 3 days of my holiday left I am going to have to decide how to tackle yet another project in such a way that I get to use the toys as I paint them. Admittedly, with this type of caper, small groups of figures are the norm.

Dave Wood (he of fame) kindly sent me three more miniatures which also arrived today and so, my Autumn looks to be one filled with men in tights, underclad ladies with whips, and cackling villains - And that is just my fellow gamers down at the club!

And so, with the clock ticking towards 8PM and the promise of a 4 course Thai meal in the company of my fair lady wife, I shall bid you all adieu, and trust that you'll tune in again for more of my rantings.