Sunday, 30 March 2014




  • A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

    Now, I remember the days when women in wargames were frowned upon, discouraged and god forbid, should they PLAY a 'proper' wargame, ridiculed.

    In the 80s I saw the sprouting of the first green shoots of what was in my opinion a betterment of the hobby, as a generation of women spurned traditional gender stereotyping, took an interest in the hobby (usually but not exclusively because a partner or family member was a gamer)  and got stuck in with a vengeance, bringing a whole new facet to the hobby.

    And thus it has been, with the daughters of those gamer couples (as my own daughter has done) making their mark on the hobby and adding more branches to the wargames family tree, which frankly at one time resembled a garden cane.

    And so this week I was affronted somewhat when my wife (a VERY tolerant and level headed woman indeed) remarked that she was pretty bloody irate that she had been deliberately snubbed by a fellow member.

    So, you can imagine what my somewhat militant temperament was like when my wife made it very clear that a member we shall call Jim had walked up to the group she was gaming with, spoken to or acknowledged the male gamers at the table and literally ignored her own existence, acting frankly, like an ignorant bastard!

    This kind of thing is on par with pushing women and children out of the way in a testosterone fuelled charge to get to a bring and buy (as witnessed at both Fiasco and The World Team Championships' in the last 12-18 months.

    The sooner these misogynistic dinosaurs render themselves extinct from the hobby, the better.

    And if you think that I have been somewhat harsh in my works, that's because I am well and truly, fucking annoyed. A bit of joking back and forth between the sexes is fine and dandy (the men always lose in the end) but treating women as objects to be addressed or ignored as one sees fit is bang out of order!

    Personally, I am very surprised that my wife didn't simply deliver her own opinion directly to Jim's scrotum with her knee. Maybe, she's biding her time., but I think she is above that kind of thing...