Thursday, 24 July 2014

Durability? I'll say so...

Some of you may recall a little incident about 14 months ago where I had the only real catastrophe I've ever suffered in my work, as a full time figure painter.

You may recall that a batch of work suffered a 40+ foot fall onto concrete from my studio. It was as, as I said at the time, my fault entirely, and I had a lot of work to do at no charge to make amends for my stupidity, at the time.

You may also recall that I place great emphasis of the subject of only using what I consider to be the highest quality materials rather than what is the most cost effective?

Well it seems that my insistence is well founded.

A builder was working on the adjacent property to my own, installing a new roof, and found something interesting in the guttering...

Yes, it's a base of the unlucky troops.

Now, the only way that it could have got into the guttering is if carried there by Magpies, but that just adds to the tale.

These troops survived a 40 foot fall, were carried to an exposed gutter in one of the most windswept pats of the city, and spent 14 months exposed to extremes of weather and temperature which, in my opinion would have put paid to most toys soldiers, without a doubt.

So, as you can see there is the initial impact damage and the base has expanded over time and the paintwork and scatter faded a little. But remember; 14 months exposed to wind, ice, sun, rain, snow!

And so you can see that when I say that only use the best materials, they really ARE the best. If only they could make the models from a material that could survive act of idiot!

And so I will now heap praise on the producers of the materials used:

Flock - Mini Natur 

Foliage - Woodland Scenics

Undercoat - Army Painter

Paint: Vallejo & Scale 75

Gloss varnish: Montana Gold (UV resistant - and it shows)

Matt varnish - Winsor & Newton 'Professional Matt Varnish'

2mm MDF bases - East Riding Miniatures (accept no substitute)

The basing substrate I am not at liberty to disclose as to the exact make up, but again, it shows just how tough it is.

I think I can say that I am pleased with the quality of the materials I use!