Sunday, 27 July 2014

In Praise Of Customer Care

So often, I focus on the less pleasant aspects of the hobby, and thus, it is a very pleasant change to be writing in praise of one of the 'Old Guard' British companies.

On Thursday afternoon, I sent an email to Hovels enquiring whether I could collect an order the following morning.

Hovels as most will know make very pretty buildings for all scales, and whilst they are no longer considered the 'cutting edge' by today's young upstarts, for my generation they were and still are the Rolls Royce range for buildings, because they look good in the flesh (OK, resin), have a great range, and when painted really do 'make' a battlefield.

In the 80s and 90s, to own a complete town made from Hovels was a status symbol.

Anyway, I got no response on Thursday evening, but as I went to make my early morning coffee on Friday, I checked my e-mails and found a response from Carol at Hovels saying that not only was she sorry for having not replied on Thursday, but that indeed I could collect that day as everything was in stock. Now I will point out for the record that the Hovel address is residential address and so I was surprised and pleased that they were willing to allow me to collect, and at such short notice.

So, we drove up to Hovels HQ in Grimsby (a beautiful leafy town by the way) and sure enough, I was graciously and warmly received by Carol who told me that Dennis, the driving force behind Hovels for so many years was out on business but had left instructions that I should be given (unexpectedly, as the price was already great) a discount.

And so, after a 2 mile detour to Cleethorpes for some truly excellent fish and chips in the newly refurbished 'Seaways' restaurant I returned home with 11 buildings ranging from log cabins to a very nice windmill.

Now, I would not normally be so cavalier in placing an order, but Hovels met my bullish schedule head-on, and so, I am taking the time to heap praise by the bucket load on this excellent company, who, have ensured that many more pounds will be showered upon them in the future.

Take a look at the Hovels ranges at