Monday, 13 July 2015

New purchases abound...

Despite being stuck somewhere in the mid 80s, I do sometimes find myself buying other things from other decades.

Up until last week, I was something of a 'system snob' believing that only Runquest 2nd Ed would do. Peter, a mate of mine going back 3 decades or so, has recently convinced me to take a look at RQ3, the version which came after Avalon Hill got the rights in the late 80s. I swore an oath that I'd never even own a copy, but Pete's convinced me otherwise.

And so I have managed to grab a few items and got change from £50, so far...

Advanced Runequest
Griffin Island
Gods Of Glorantha

True, there are still a few sets to go, but I am really enjoying tracking them down.

Next up was a 1970s Elastolin fort. One of these appeared in a large Warhammer game, put on by Joe Dever in the 80s on the convention circuit and they fetch a pretty penny generally.

Imagine my joy to get one for £18.50 including postage...

Yesterday saw me purchase a modern GW army, second hand. My defence is that it's inspired by the artwork of John Blanche of whom I am a great fan and, it was mint and £100 below RRP.

And then to round it all out, today the postman delivered my pre-order for the Frostgrave fantasy skirmish game...

All in all, a nice pile of stuff with lots of variety...